GE becomes more Agile

GE makes a shift toward agile software developmentIn an effort to become more nimble and responsive to changing market conditions, an increasing number of companies are using an iterative approach to software development known as Agile. GE, for example, started down this path several years ago and IT organizations within various divisions are making the transition to this approach at different rates.

“We wanted to add more value to the business faster,” GE Healthcare CIO Craig Fischberg told CIO Journal. “This year, our target is 60% of our program spend to be done using Agile,” he added.

In this article, Mike Croucher, Head of IT Architecture and Delivery at British Airways, tells CIO Journal that British Airways, an Emergn client, saw Agile software development as a faster way to create products that would generate sales. Click here to hear how British Airways is delivering fast and embracing change.

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