Not Your Dad’s Agile – Delivering Business Value

AllAboutAgileSince the signing of the Agile Manifesto in 2001, Agile as a software development methodology has entered the mainstream and is not only used in several of the world’s leading companies, but is being applied in areas beyond software development. While Agile today is still very much about teams getting better at building software, it’s also becoming more about moving the rest of the business forward.

The next phase of Agile, the Agile of tomorrow, will focus on delivering business value across a larger landscape including portfolio management, procurement and business strategy. As a result, agile is in the process of moving from development practices to top level business outcomes. These thoughts and more come as a result of a recent Forrester Research report issued earlier this month.

Alex Adamopoulos, agile expert and CEO of Emergn, believes that there are two concurrent states of Agile today.

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