Social media tools aid in collaboration between business, IT and users

SearchSQSocial networking tools and features have made their way into so many of our software applications that they have changed the way we do business. “The market right now is in the exploding phase,” says David Carr, editor of The BrainYard, referring to the vast number of social networking tools that permeate cyberspace. The uses of social media cover the span of the entire software development lifecycle, as early as idea gathering through customer service and everything in between. In this article, enterprise leaders and project managers will learn more about how organizations are using social media features and tools to aid in collaboration between business and IT and ultimately, end users.

Collaboration between business and IT, with or without the aid of social media, is a trend that continues as we see more organizations using an Agile approach that emphasizes collaboration, not just in software development methodologies, but in the way the entire business operates. Alex Adamopoulos, CEO of Emergn, an international PPM and Agile consultancy, sees 2012 as a year in which there will be increased the alignment between business and IT.

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