The new rules for enterprise apps

ComputerworldTo be successful today, enterprise software must be more user-friendly, get updated more often, and offer users outside your company more transparency than ever before.

An insurance company decided to roll out an application for its sales reps. The new app would give them a wider selection of products to offer customers when out in the field. Information on those products was stored in a legacy mainframe system, so the company created a Web interface that let reps query the database to get details on offerings.

The new interface did give access to product information, but it was neither intuitive nor easy to use. “There were long drop-down lists, and it was very form-oriented,” says Alex Adamopoulos, CEO of Emergn, a consulting firm that worked with the insurance company. Alex said that the old rules for enterprise applications, both those built in-house and those licensed from vendors, don’t work in today’s environment and goes on to take a look at a new rule book.

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