What counts is the outcome

leanmjAll methodologies have their merits, but they are not an answer in themselves. Organizations that fail to look at the bigger picture are missing an opportunity, says Philip Black, Chief Operating Officer of Emergn, a professional services consultancy specialised in helping companies overcome their organizational and IT business problems.
Many times organizations that choose to adopt lean often lose sight of what really matters, namely extracting value and remaining focused on the outcomes. While it may sound obvious, it is all too easy to forget that a philosophy or methodology is not an end in itself. It is a model that allows people to understand how to work together. During transformations to new ways of working, deliveries may fail, because undue focus is put on doing the methodology right. And as products and projects become ever more complex and time-to-market more pressurized, traditional approaches of serving modern markets are no longer delivering against expectations of shareholders and customers alike.

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