What is Project Portfolio Management, and why should IT directors and CIOs care?

newbusinesstechnologyProject Portfolio Management – or PPM – is moving up the corporate agenda. This is good news for the IT department, because it aids better collaboration with ‘the business’, so that IT can be seen to tangibly add value and not viewed as just a cost centre.

According to Gartner, PPM is evolving from just managing projects to managing value and change within the business, to support strategies that focus on people not technologies. PPM boils down to focusing on selecting and managing a set of projects to meet a specific set of business objectives. Sounds obvious, but the reality is that organisations all too often lose sight of these end goals. Distractions and barriers get in the way. Having a specific and structured approach for Project Portfolio Management can help an organisation.

Alex Adamopoulos, CEO of Emergn, contributes this guest post.

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