Australian Latvian Pēteris Daliņš named Chairman of Emergn Latvia

RIGA – October 21, 2021 – Emergn, a global digital business services firm helping companies deliver valuable products and customer experiences faster, today announced that Pēteris Daliņš is named as Chairman of Emergn (AS) Latvia, a subsidiary of Emergn Global Holdings. He leads a growing team of over 350 professionals in Latvia to serve major Latvian and international clients.

Pēteris was born and raised in Australia with a strong connection to Latvia. His parents and grandparents taught him about the country, from the language and history to geography and literature. The Latvian culture was present in much of his childhood: he participated in Latvian folk dancing, attended Latvian school on Saturdays and played in basketball teams with other Latvian Australian children. More recently, he also participated in the Latvian male choir, Veseris, and contributed much of his time to the continuation of the Latvian Australian community.

It was a lifelong dream of Pēteris to work and live in Latvia, to experience his heritage and give back to the country where he has strong family ties. Pēteris’s grandfather was the first Olympic medal winner in Latvia’s history.

 Pēteris moved to Latvia from Australia in 2019 to join Emergn as Engagement Lead, where he successfully led a delivery team in Latvia working for a client in Germany. In 2020, he was promoted to VP of Global Delivery, which gave him oversight of the consulting, product and software engineers across all Emergn’s locations. Building on that role, it was a natural next step for Emergn to ask Pēteris to be Chairman of Emergn Latvia and lead the organization through significant planned growth while continuing to deliver best-in-class digital products for major Latvian and international clients.

“I am excited about being in a role where I can really make a difference by leading the Latvian employees to grow and improve their skills, and by delivering great digital products for Latvian clients and citizens. I try to provide my team with a unique perspective, while, in turn, they teach me something new every day,” says Pēteris. “Emergn serves a blend of Latvian and international clients with capabilities that I am excited to continue contributing to. Even more importantly, Emergn’s values and emphasis on learning combined with a long history of operating in Latvia aligns with my own values and aspirations.”

Pēteris acknowledged the Latvian IT industry has the potential to grow significantly: “We have the ideas, innovation, entrepreneurial passion and work opportunities in Latvia to expand our IT industry. To achieve this growth, we must build the talent pool and ensure great talent stays in Latvia through supporting education, encouraging students to explore STEM fields, and providing world-class work experience and career growth opportunities.”

Pēteris previously served as Head of IT for Asahi Beverages in Australia and New Zealand (one of the largest beverage manufacturers in ANZ), as a General Manager focused on integrated business planning and transformation at Schweppes Australia, and in various roles at Accenture.

About Emergn

Emergn is a global digital business services firm helping companies deliver valuable products and customer experiences. Emergn Latvia specializes in machine learning, web and mobile app development, user interface design, cloud computing, Java, JavaScript, and more. The company is a big part of the business community in Latvia. With over 350 employees in two offices – Rīga and Liepāja – Latvia has become the location with the largest number of Emergn employees. In addition to Latvia, Emergn operates in North America, UK & Ireland, Ukraine, Portugal and Romania.

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