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We are currently seeking a Principal Consultant to join the team on exciting and challenging client engagements.

Specific Characteristics for a Principal Consultant

A Principal Consultant has an impact across the business and is part of Emergn extended leadership team. A Principal Consultant can shape multiple engagements being a thought leader in Emergn’s value propositions, products and services. A Principal Consultant develops high-level business relations and high-impact, high quality client engagements. They are capable of leading large teams and generating new business ideas.

Key Responsibilities


On Customer: Create change that provides valuable outcomes for the client and people within the company, forever, in multiple or a scaled engagement with complex systems of work and environment in all areas of Emergn capabilities.

On Emergn: 

  • Is accountable for the success of Emergn solutions for multiple, mid – large sized, complex clients
  • Ensures we delight our customers and retain integrity of our solutions by providing change solutions assurance services across multiple engagements
  • Solves the complex problems we face in a novel way, in line with our principles and practices
  • Establishes trusted partnerships with the senior stakeholders in the customer organisations to ensure successful creation & implementation of solutions and change
  • Ensures continuous improvement of Emergn’s body of knowledge, value propositions, products & services and working practices 
  • Interacts within Emergn at all levels including Executive on these matters
  • Is a significant contributor to the development of Emergn’s consulting capability
  • Joint responsibility for / influences revenue and margin as it relates to the creation and implementation of solutions – supports other senior leaders with these responsibilities 

On yourself:

  • Establish and maintain a curious discovery mindset, continuously learning and applying the latest thinking in relation to problems that Emergn solve or may solve


  • Consider the context of the organisation and the industry, the problems that are obvious and stated and those that are not in relation to the Shape, Run, Learn and the Work, the System of Work and the Business Environment
  • Develop the solution that Emergn offers to solve these problems from our 3 services, and the experiments that would be run in order to create the change for the organisation (most likely business unit or the whole org, but could be at team or project level)
  • Engage the client in the understanding of the problem and significance of this to their business outcomes and how the recommendations and approach will potentially solve this for them
  • Create the proposal with other team members including the consideration of skills, roles and duration to complete the engagement
  • Create Change by Solutions Engagement – Engage the client/Emergn team (Consultants and Product Management, & Delivery Management JF’s) in the definition of the problem and the solution and the experiments to be run and measured – for many Engagements
  • Provide Change Solutions assurance, measure check act (Stop, Pivot Continue) for many engagements
  • Close the Engagement with the feedback on the success validated by measures from the experiments Create the client example as an output for packaging of the value proposition
  • Manage the harvesting of content applied within the engagement for the knowledge base
  • Update the value propositions and models based on the engagement outcomes
  • Implement with the client/Emergn team, the proposed change solution and the experiments to be run and measured.
  • Provide the specific content and measures for Solutions assurance, for the engagement
  • Generate feedback on the success validated by measures from the experiments to close the engagement
  • Generate feedback on the application of value propositions deployed in the engagement
  • Actively promotes ways of working based on principles of Value, Flow, Quality.
  • Proactively shares knowledge throughout Emergn and the Engagement team
  • Actively demonstrates a ‘discovery mindset’ – continuous learning and incremental results – in the way they work, and that of their teams / function.
  • Implement change that provides valuable outcomes for the client and people within the company forever in an element of a large engagement or the whole of a smaller engagement.
  • Is accountable for the success of the elements of an Emergn consulting solution in mid to large sized complex clients or smaller whole engagements.
  • Manages the elements of the agreed solution to solve agreed problems.
  • Establishes themselves & the Emergn team as trusted partners within the customer organisation to ensure the successful implementation of solutions and change.
  • Onboards all types of consultants, mentors less experienced consultants
  • Helps other people develop themselves and regularly gives insightful, useful feedback to those around them Fosters effective collaboration in Engagement teams
  • Ensures that the solution implemented delights the customer.
  • Clears blockers for team members, provides context/guidance, or knows how to escalate
  • Use the latest thinking from disciplines such as Agile, Lean, Design Thinking and others to help the client build high performing teams and make change happen.
  • Develop strong relationships across the client’s organisation


  • Provides inspiration for others to join and progress their careers with Emergn – a role model for ‘what is possible’ in Consulting
  • Helps other people develop themselves and regularly gives insightful, useful feedback to those around them 
  • Provides support to achieve goals and stays close enough to the work to remove blockers
  • Creates accountability for high performance across the team
  • Role models effective collaboration and continuous improvement practices within Engagement teams and in the team of teams that makes value propositions and strategy a reality within Emergn working with but not limited to the SLT, ELT, GO, GBD, Marketing & Products & Strategy 
  • Acts as an exemplary leader within Emergn to assure Engagement and Value propositions deliver the revenue and margin contribution, as well as deliberately delighting our customers


  • Represents Emergn and our mission and brand at external events including but not limited to conferences, meetups, social media
  • Offering solutions to problems that are meaningful and valuable because they have first listened and understood 
  • Understands Emergn’s strategic imperatives and uses this knowledge to engage their teams / colleagues and focus the work
  • Presents solutions and proposals in ways that gather fast feedback and enable buy-in / adjustments across Emergn
  • Ensures their work / that of their team(s) is visible to those who need to know
  • Excellent English (C1+ – spoken and written)


  • Looks after their own wellbeing and that of those around them
  • Demonstrates exemplary behaviours according to the Emergn Way and creates a shared consciousness (Emergn mission and Emergn Way) within and across engagement teams
  • Complies with Emergn policies and processes and ensures that their team does the same
  • Drives professional ‘belonging’ i.e. develops a professional community that enables high performance through knowledge sharing, fast feedback, learning, development and career growth within their team (s) / function 
  • Focuses on all facets of employee engagement (particularly communication, trust in senior leadership, personnel development)
  • Provides insight into employee concerns and provides suggestions to improve Emergn to senior leaders
  • Actively demonstrates a ‘discovery mindset’ – continuous learning and incremental results – in the way they work, and that of their team (s) / function
  • Represents Emergn and our mission and brand well by the speech, style and substance of their work and that of their team

Skills Knowledge and Expertise


  • Is the go-to person for solving the complex problems we face in a novel way and interacts within Emergn at all levels including executive on these matters
  • Has led large scale transformation of ways of working and project to product
  • Can point to accomplishments across multiple industries
  • Gets involved in and identifies opportunities for colleagues to participate in advisory, strategic, industry bodies to learn and share best practice in their area of business
  • Has worked as an internal or external consultant for change at significant transformation effort dealing with complexity
  • Understands and can find patterns that indicate the challenges that VFQ can solve and the VFQ models that solve them
  • Is fluent in the use of Value Propositions, Products, Services and Capabilities that are offered by Emergn
  • Evaluating level on Organisational Psychology, Systems Thinking, Strategy creation and implementation, Measures & metrics, Agile,Lean, Product Management, Engineering excellence
  • Creating leve on change to organisational outcomes with novel ideas
  • The Engagement model and its application for Emergn
  • Experimentation, Consulting skills & competences: Client Focus, Building & Sustaining relationships, applying expertise and knowledge, Achieving sustainable results

Why join Emergn?

  • We care for and invest in people. We will support you on your path for success, to become the best professional within your IT field.
  • Provide an environment with communities of practice, for exchanging knowledge and best practice sharing, across all of our teams.
  • Give insight and practical usage of “Value, Flow, Quality” mindset via training and experience sharing among colleagues.
  • Provide an excellent onboarding experience.
  • Hold regular performance reviews (enabling performance) and provide constructive feedback.
  • Sponsor your participation in conferences, meet-ups, and other training, to help you enhance your skills.
  • Offer comprehensive salary and benefits.

Are you forward-thinking, ambitious and have an intellectually curious mind that aspires to improve the way people and companies work, forever? If yes, then we want to speak with you.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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