The Emerging World Of Work: Season 2

Welcome to Season 2 of our podcast for leaders who want to ensure their business is keeping pace in a constantly changing landscape and in a strong position to grow. Our show explores a different theme related to the world of work, with insights from the world’s top thinkers on the transformative enterprise.

From Emergn, the leading expert in transformation, with a mission to improve the way people and companies work. Forever. This podcast is hosted by Alex Adamopoulos.

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Latest episode

Episode 13 Cracking the Code: Working with Americans
Allyson Stewart-Allen - Co-author of 'Working with Americans'
"The win win game theory is the operating principle of US business."

What drives American informality, schedules and the desire to combine fun with business? Allyson Stewart-Allen offers a deeper understanding of America’s business mindset, diversity and regions so you can confidently navigate this large, complex and profit-making economy. Read more…

Previous episodes

Episode 12 Scaling Transformative Businesses
April Seddeburg (COO, Movista), Michal Alter (CEO and Rick Webb (Director, Grit Studios)
"Once you have the ability to scale, you then have to go grow."

Business growth and scale are undeniably interconnected but differ in a few fundamental ways. The latter can’t be realized without the former, but they are also wholly different measures of a business’s development.  We posed three questions to our panelists for their perspectives. Read more…

Episode 11 How Great Leaders Win Support for Innovative Ideas
Jeff Dyer and Nathan Furr
Authors of “Innovation Capital”
"Don’t assume the great ideas always win. Innovators also need to earn support."

It’s one thing to come up with ideas. How do you win support for innovation? Jeff Dyer and Nathan Furr, co-authors of the new book “Innovation Capital,” explain how innovators obtain the resources to bring ideas to life. Read More

Episode 10 Unlocking Innovation with the Power of Play
Johan Roos - Professor and co-inventor of the LEGO Serious Play methodology
"Play nurtures the imagination so you can put it to more productive use"

Johan Roos is the co-inventor of LEGO Serious Play, a methodology designed to enhance innovation and business performance through playtime. He explains how play helps leaders unlock their capacity to innovate. Read More

Episode 9 Lessons from China’s Innovators
Mark Greeven, George Yip, Wei Wei - Authors of “Pioneers, Hidden Champions, Changemakers, and Underdogs”
"China is moving from imitation to innovation, and leaders around the world will need to compete."

Chinese innovators are making their mark globally. What can leaders and entrepreneurs around the world learn from this country? Authors Mark Greeven, George Yip and Wei Wei offer an insider’s view of China’s under-the-radar, globally competitive innovators. Read More

Episode 8 The New Science of Radical Innovation
Dr. Sunnie Giles - Author of “The New Science of Radical Innovation”
"Innovation must permeate throughout the organization as part of its cultural DNA."

What can science teach us about the qualities of great, innovative leaders? In her new book The New Science of Radical Innovation, Dr. Sunnie Giles explains the six competencies of leaders who know how to nurture radical innovation within their business. Read More

Episode 7 Battling Burnout and Empowering the ‘Productive Creatives’
Rahaf Harfoush - Author of “Hustle and Float”
"We idolize creativity but worship productivity."

Does society’s obsession with “hustle” harm our creative best interests? Rahaf Harfoush, author of Hustle and Float, shares advice for leaders who want to help the “Productive Creatives” in their workforce find a healthier balance. Read More