The Emerging World Of Work: Season 2

Welcome to Season 2 of our podcast for leaders who want to ensure their business is keeping pace in a constantly changing landscape and in a strong position to grow. Our show explores a different theme related to the world of work, with insights from the world’s top thinkers on the transformative enterprise.

From Emergn, the leading expert in transformation, with a mission to improve the way people and companies work. Forever.

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Latest Episode

Episode 8 The New Science of Radical Innovation
Dr. Sunnie Giles - Author of “The New Science of Radical Innovation”
"Innovation must permeate throughout the organization as part of its cultural DNA."

What can science teach us about the qualities of great, innovative leaders? In her new book The New Science of Radical Innovation, Dr. Sunnie Giles explains the six competencies of leaders who know how to nurture radical innovation within their business. Read More

Previous Episodes

Episode 7 Battling Burnout and Empowering the ‘Productive Creatives’
Rahaf Harfoush - Author of “Hustle and Float”
"We idolize creativity but worship productivity."

Does society’s obsession with “hustle” harm our creative best interests? Rahaf Harfoush, author of Hustle and Float, shares advice for leaders who want to help the “Productive Creatives” in their workforce find a healthier balance. Read More