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Transform your way of working and sustain modern, agile and customer-focused ways of working.

We developed VFQ as a way to make changing the way you work more effective. All companies are overwhelmed by the need to change at speed and implement every new methodology that has been launched, regardless of whether it works or not. To streamline this, we decided to synthesize all of the new modern ways of thinking into a simple set of principles. These encompassed design-thinking, product management, agile, lean startup and systems thinking, among others. We chose a small set of principles because it’s easier to remember and make relevant across a wide variety of people.

The Agile Manifesto – developed in 2001 by a wide-ranging group of agile experts who hoped to make software development more practical – is four value statements and 12 principles. Each one of these is useful and relevant. The problem? No one remembers all of them. Not even people who really, really care about them. Suffice to say, that is not an ideal way for engaging large groups of people across an enterprise.

VFQ distills this all into three key agile principles that bring a new way of working to life in relevant, contextual techniques and practices. It creates an anchor for all other methodologies to hang off.

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