Our leadership team is an experienced group of advisors, business leaders, and technology experts.

Leadership team

Our leadership team is a diverse yet tight-knit group of different talents and experience. As highly experienced experts in their respective fields, they bring a range of perspectives on everything from professional services to technology, modern ways of working and talent development skills. It’s this melting pot of ideas that drives the growth of Emergn and sets the foundations to solve complex transformation challenges for our clients.

Alex Adamopoulos

Chief Executive Officer

Since day one, Alex has championed the Emergn Way; care for and invest in people, be deliberate about delighting customers, and bring new perspectives to get better results.

Alex’s defining work is in helping global enterprise companies adopt modern ways of working and accelerating the rate at which they improve and deliver their products and services.

Over a 30+ year career, Alex has served in several leadership roles within high growth companies, and today acts as a mentor and advisor to other industry leaders and serves across many thought leadership forums.

Alex Adamopoulos, CEO

Anjana Mistry

Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Anj brings a deep motivation and desire to weave finance and operational excellence throughout the organizations she’s been a part of through a style of servant leadership, empathy and trust.

In her role, Anj focuses on helping Emergn successfully execute its strategy, build better engagement across the business and a solid foundation for future growth.

For over 25 years, Anj has been a part of global leadership teams focused on improving the way businesses operate, integrate and transform.

Featured insights from Anjana Mistry

Anjana Mistry, CFOO of Emergn

Paul Confrey

Chief Marketing Officer

Paul’s faith in the power of people to bring creativity, energy, and ideas to an organization has been a driving force in his career.  He believes that everyone can be better tomorrow than they were today.  

As Marketing leader, his role is to ensure that the commercial world knows what Emergn stands for, and how Emergn can help them to drive their own transformation. 

The lion’s share of Paul’s career to date has been in the WPP communications group.  He had great success, and great fun, within a variety of agencies as their Planning Director, MD, COO, President, and CEO.

Emergn's CMO Paul Confrey

Fredrik Hagstroem

Chief Technology Officer

Fredrik’s passion is improvements, whether big or small. Working with technology and people, there is always something we can discover and make better.

As part of the Senior Leadership team, Fredrik’s job at Emergn is to ensure we innovate and invest in the talent, technologies, and partners for the future.

With 25 years of experience of technology and management consulting, he applies thought leadership to solve enterprise problems in novel and effective ways.

Fredrik Hagstroem, CTO

Andrew Husak

Chief Product Architect

Andrew eats, sleeps, and breathes the world of work, and product development in particular. He thrives on engaging with clients and colleagues in problem solving to effect meaningful changes, making work more purposeful, effective, rewarding … and fun!

In his role, he provides our clients (and us!) with thought leadership and guidance on practical applications of our Value, Flow, Quality philosophy of work.

Andrew’s expertise comes from inventing and consulting in the PLM/ALM space for over 30 years, where he’s held senior positions at Emergn, Ivar Jacobson Consulting, PTC, and Inso.

Emergn's Chief Product Architect, Andrew Husak

Aldis Erglis

Chairman and VP Latvia

Aldis is a seasoned IT professional and is passionate about exploring ways technologies can help companies achieve their strategic goals. He thrives on staying at the forefront of innovation and understanding the impact of Intelligent Automation, AI/ML, and Data & Analytics.

Aldis defines technology development in areas related to data analysis. He also supports clients with maximizing value from their enterprise architecture and evolving technology needs.

Over a 25+ year career, Aldis has worked in different software development and engineering roles and shares his expert knowledge to build local technology communities.

Aldis Erglis

Martin Cooper

VP, Global Services

Martin is passionate about delighting clients through the exceptional delivery of lasting change.

In his role, he develops incredible talent and delivers great outcomes with a focus on improving products, services, and capabilities.

Over a 20+ year career in consulting, Martin has established exceptional teams who have transformed the operating models and technology landscapes of global enterprise organizations.

Martin Cooper, Emergn's VP of Global Services

Harriet Fisher

VP, Finance and Commercial Operations

Harriet is passionate about the value that Finance & Commercial Operations can bring to organizations.

Harriet’s collaborative approach empowers teams to deliver seamless operations and to ensure the statutory compliance that enables Emergn to tackle challenges and meet its strategic objectives.

With an exceptional track record in Financial Planning & Analysis and Commercial Management, Harriet has extensive experience in large multinational companies working both across internal functions and with clients across different industries.

Harriet Fisher

Brad Rhoderick

VP Sales, North America

Brad is passionate about developing and leading high-performing teams that bring lasting, long-term value to our global, complex organizations.

Brad is responsible for developing and executing the North American sales strategy, driving growth in this key market.

Brad has over 20 years of experience assisting organizations implement large, business-critical transformation initiatives to realize their digital objectives. He enjoys understanding an organization’s key business initiatives and areas of concern and advising them on solutions to address their unique needs.

Brad Rhoderick

Pete Atkinson

VP Sales, EMEA

Pete is passionate about digital transformation, providing businesses with tools, methodologies, and expert consulting services to enable them to thrive and delight their customers.

He leads the EMEA client partner sales team, develops commercial strategies, and helps Emergn achieve its ambitious growth targets.

Much of his 25+ year career has been spent operating at the convergent point of technology, business, and consumers. He has held leadership positions in corporate as well as start-up and scale-up businesses serving a range of industry sectors.

Emergn's VP Sales for EMEA Peter Atkinson

Board of Directors

Alex Adamopoulos

Over a 30+ year career, Alex has served in several leadership roles within high growth companies, and today acts as a mentor and advisor to other industry leaders and serves across many thought leadership forums.

Alex Adamopoulos, CEO

Rodion Kuhaev

Rodion is the Head of Investment at EastOne Group. Prior to joining EastOne in 2008, Rodion was a Managing Director at N.R.Growth Consulting, a private equity firm focusing on the TMT and consumer sectors in the CIS region.

Emergn Board Director, Rodion Kuhaev

Fadi Hraibi

From 2016 through 2020, as the CEO of Interpipe, Fadi led the turnaround of the company, achieving a five-fold EBITDA increase and complete debt restructuring and repayment.

Emergn Board Director, Fadi Hraibi

Manjit Singh

Manjit is an experienced and forward-thinking executive with a unique set of skills that are in demand as boards look for digital transformation and cybersecurity expertise. He has most recently served as Chief Executive Officer/SVP with Knock at RealPage Inc and is currently a board member at Emergn, Upstream Security, and PetSmart Charities.

Emergn Board Director, Manjit Singh

Kim Brink

Kim is a transformational marketing expert and go-to-marketing strategist with proven expertise in accelerating brands and untapping the power of a brand for growth. She is known for reenergizing the iconic brands of Cadillac, Chevrolet, NASCAR and leading the global Ford business for WPP, one the world’s largest marketing services companies.

Emergn Board Director, Kim Brink

Randy Salley

Randy is the Founder and President of Salley, LLC, a management consulting group based in Northwest Arkansas. His clients consist of several start-ups that serve the retail industry and he is also an investor in early-stage start-ups.

Emergn Board Director, Randy Sally