Experience Design

We design experiences that get you closer to your customers.

Uncovers which of your ideas are most viable and focuses on meeting the real needs of your customer.


How do we create product and solutions our business needs and our users will love?

People expect products to do more than just work. They want products they will value. Even love. Yet in an ever-evolving digital world, expectations change rapidly. Good product management is insight-driven and user-centric. But users and service providers often end up with different views on what constitutes a great experience. This is where Experience Design comes in – helping you to better understand your users, putting them at the heart of valuable products, and keeping you ahead of the competition.

Problems we solve

Understanding users and customers

Designing for what people want is all too often based on guesswork rather than research and data-driven UX strategy.

Designing the
right thing

The skills are not in place to undertake concept testing around which ideas will fit the market and reduce the risk of product failures.

Better ways

Connecting people, process and business needs to drive better, customer-centric mindset and outcomes.

Seamless customer experience

With multiple brands, platforms and products, it’s hard to deliver frictionless, efficient, and consistent experiences at scale.

Building accessible products

Designing for accessibility is not a current capability so there are now significant financial, legal and reputational risks.


Creating memorable experiences through deeper insights and iterative design.

Our approach follows Emergn’s core principles of Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ). Frequently delivering value through products that delight people. Reducing friction by optimizing the flow of work. And discovering quality via fast feedback from the people who matter most – your users.

We start with strategy. Because there’s very little point designing anything if you don’t know that you’re designing the right thing. Then we move on quickly to user research to understand the people that you’re building for and the best ways to meet their needs. We take these customer experience insights and use iterative testing and prototypes to reduce risk and ‘design things right’.

From there, it’s all about supporting the engineering effort through product design and delivery. And ensuring the product is built correctly in line with people’s needs – especially accessibility.

Underpinning this is our design system, which empowers you to build quality digital experiences at scale and pace with lower overheads.

How to get started

From bringing a new experience to life, to helping you build your own experience capability, we’ll support you with the insights and design skills you need to delight your customers every time.

Do you want to see your idea rapidly evolve into a solution?

Through co-creation workshops and rapid prototyping, we’ll work with you to explore, define and validate the experience. Together, we’ll produce the prototype then validate its desirability and usability with real users or customers.

Are you looking to understand or measure your customer journey?

With a customer journey map as a human-centered tool, you’ll have an end-to-end resource that visualizes the experience of a person over time. We’ll map the steps during which a person interacts with you, reveal any gaps, and explore potential solutions.

What can you do to improve your user experience?

Our UX Expert Review looks into the strategic and operational reasons why users may be struggling with your product. It’s a fast way to get a fresh, impartial perspective on the user experience and to define an action plan for improvement.

Leading by example

For when you just need to get it done, we can do it for you.

Sometimes you know what it is you need to change. But perhaps you don’t have the time or resources to do it in-house. This is when you can use Leading By Example. We’ll add key personnel to your team – like UX/UI Specialists – to get the work done. Your people can learn best practices along the way. And you’ll still deliver what you need to, when you need to.

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