A game changer for transforming organizations.

You own your transformation

Value, Flow, Quality or VFQ for short is not another methodology. It takes the investments you’ve made in new ways of working and turns them into tangible results. Unlike a rigid, top-down approach, VFQ is tailored to the context of your organization and helps focus your teams on the work that really matters to deliver your business objectives.

Embedding VFQ

The right blend of tools to deliver results.

We’ve built a comprehensive toolkit to help you along your journey including trusted models, techniques and tools, all provided with expert guidance on when and how to apply them. Here’s a snapshot of some of the tools in our toolkit.


Align your organization to accelerate change

Digital Transformation
Ascend – our approach to discovery
VFQ Adoption Model

Give your people the skills and capabilities they need to succeed

Product Manager Pathway and Certification
Agile Practitioner Pathway and Certification
Leadership Program

Access engineering to experience design talent that delivers

Product Development Squads
VFQ Analytics – measuring flow and value
Leading by Example – getting the job done

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