We are Emergn. Our mission is to improve the way people and companies work. Forever.

We’re passionate about improving the way people work and are motivated by an ambition to help businesses innovate.

People make the biggest difference to business performance. That’s why, at Emergn, we focus on educating and empowering employees to deliver change from within. We do this through a unique and proven combination of consulting, education and product delivery services.

The Emergn story

From the start, Emergn has sought to create lasting, positive change by supporting the people who drive innovation forward. Over the years, we’ve added new talent, capabilities and services so that we can continue to deliver exceptional work to global corporations.

Our consultants understand the strategies, tools, and processes that enterprises often want to adopt, and rather than recommend generic bolt-on solutions, we take an inside-out approach to implement long-lasting change from the ground up.

We bring that change to life in innovative products and services that we co-create with our clients. Our engineering team has more than two decades of experience delivering tailor-made solutions across a variety of technology platforms and languages.

Through our educational program VFQ, the industry’s only work-based learning approach to scaled digital transformation, we teach companies how to transform on their own. We commit to their journey as a core partner, because we expect the change to stick.

Today, the Emergn team is based in the U.S. (Boston and Bentonville), Ireland (Dublin), the UK (London), Latvia (Riga and Liepaja), Ukraine (Dnipro), Portugal (Porto) and Russia (St Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod).

The Emergn Way. It's more than values. It's practical and pragmatic.

ISO9001 CertificationEmergn is ISO 9001 certified – the international standard for a quality management system. This demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and also demonstrates continuous improvement, improving the way work works.

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