in Latvia

Our mission is to improve the way people and companies work. Forever. And that starts with us. We are a team – we believe and support one another as we all work collaboratively toward a common goal.

Emergn Latvia

Our location

Latvia hosts two of the company’s software development centers, in:

  • Riga
  • Liepaja

Based on our values, our supportive, friendly environment helps us attract some of the country’s brightest talent.

Our expertise

Our employees specialize in:

  • machine-learning solutions
  • web- and mobile-app development
  • user-interface design
  • business analytics
  • cloud computing
  • Java, JavaScript and C#

Our clients

With some of the most iconic, established brands in the world, we have the opportunity to work in a predominantly-international environment.

Our life

Outside of work we enjoy spending time together – you can find us playing volleyball, table tennis and billiards. We’ve also been known to run marathons, go hiking and meet up in our Machine Learning Lab to share our professional passions.

Why Emergn?


We care for and
invest in people

We know that people do their best work when they are encouraged and trusted. We support them every step of the way.


We act
with integrity

Our actions are in the best interests of Emergn, our people and our customers. We ask questions to understand what the best answers are.


We focus
on the new

We don’t admire problems; we make the effort to move past them and go forward. We see the value of building new opportunities and welcoming change.


We take

We are proactive communicators because we know how important it is to share information and insights.


We 100% support
remote working

We provide you with the tools, processes, networks and support to do great work, from anywhere you choose.


We know how
to have fun!

We laugh. We build relationships. We play. We have open conversations. Finding a good work-life balance is key to our success.

Job openings

Below are specific opportunities we are currently recruiting for. Please take a look at the roles and complete your details in the online form to apply.