Let’s have no more blank statements on corporate social responsibility. Let’s do it right.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A statement on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) cannot be just words. It has to drive people to make a positive impact.

That’s why we focus our efforts on supporting our people and helping them to help others. Everyone across Emergn has paid time off to do something that gives back to local communities. Whether that’s becoming a mentor, undertaking pro bono work, presenting a guest lecture or volunteering for a charity.

For us, CSR is based on three core commitments – to treat each other equally, offer new opportunities, and to inspire action.


Equality is a fundamental human right. Treating people fairly, giving everyone the same chances, and supporting people’s future careers are just some of the ways we strive for equality every day.

How we bring this to life:

By following the Emergn Way

If you have organizational values, you need to find practical ways to help people live them too. Which is why we established The Emergn Way. It’s principles and behaviors help our people be their best—whether that’s how they work together, what they do for our clients, or the way they contribute to communities.

By investing in our people

We know how much learning and well-being matter in supporting our people in their daily lives. Through internal education opportunities that follow our core principles of Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ), and clear progression frameworks, we make Emergn a rewarding place to work. And with our generous benefits packages, we aim to support our people long after they finish their day’s work.

By creating a positive culture

Regardless of international borders, we’ve established a community of friendly, supportive experts who collaborate across time zones. This is no small feat. It takes time, commitment and shared values. It also takes an organizational culture in which different perspectives are welcomed and listened to and where each of us can find a sense of belonging.


Education and entrepreneurship. Two areas close to our hearts where we strive to have a positive social impact on the communities we serve. They are enshrined in our mission, “To improve the way people and companies work. Forever.” So we focus on initiatives that advance educational opportunities or support entrepreneurship for people who might otherwise be left behind.

How we bring this to life:

Through on-going education

We believe learning should be available to all so anyone can continue to improve the way they work. Which is why we’ve maintained long-standing relationships with universities to provide people with education pathways and access to the latest industry thinking. We also partner with some of the world’s leading ED-TECH organizations who share the same mindset of making leading-edge education available for everyone.

Through building communities

Learning, discovery and improvement are key to growth. Being an active member of the professional community is a key part of this. That’s why we invest our time and knowledge to help the communities we serve to succeed through mentoring start-ups or young professionals and hosting meetups or free webinars.

Through giving back

Everyone deserves a safe space in which they can achieve their personal and professional goals and one day give back to the community they live in. Our work with local schools, charitable institutions, and NGOs is already helping young people unlock their individual potential through access to financial or educational resources as well as volunteering and mentoring opportunities.


As an organization, it’s our duty to not only act responsibly but to encourage others to do the same – from supporting our own team members through to assisting our clients. The Emergn Way is at the center of this – guiding our actions and behaviors – while all the services we provide are based on best practice and an open, honest business culture.

How we bring this to life:

In leading by example

Everything we do is measured against the high standards enshrined within The Emergn Way and our Code of Conduct. We don’t stop there. The exceptional client experiences we deliver follow compliance and controls set out in benchmarks and regulations. ISO 9001 is known as the international standard for Quality Management systems and we meet its criteria on every project we complete. By following the ISO 27001 security standard, we also ensure our clients can have the highest level of confidence in how we manage information.

In advocating for accessibility

We want everyone to be able to enjoy seamless experiences in the digital world. So we strive to make all our own resources digitally accessible. We train our team on accessibility best practice. And we help our clients incorporate digital accessibility and usability into their design, development, testing, and content lifecycles.

In helping clients learn

We’re not only investing in our people to help them stay on top of an ever-changing digital world. We also support our clients to build capability through our VFQ education programs. So they can be the ones to solve real-world problems and lead lasting, positive change.