One design system to build every user experience

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We’ve launched our Infinity Design System, which helps businesses build better user experiences.

A design system is a set of standardized design and code components, as well as guidelines that enable organizations to build digital products in a consistent way. This helps teams create user experiences that have a common visual language and structure and can be scaled across an organization’s different products, platforms, or brands. 

Our Infinity Design System – Infinity for short – combines a traditional design system with our expertise in Experience Design to provide our clients with a tailored system. By implementing Infinity into the product development process, organizations will reduce the time, cost, and effort involved in delivering products. Now teams can focus on applying VFQ principles to make a bigger impact on their customers – delivering Value early and often, optimizing the Flow of work end to end, and discovering Quality with fast feedback.

The shift to a digital-first culture has changed how businesses operate. Customers expect convenient, customized, and consistent experiences they can access anywhere. Thankfully, organizations have become more agile so they can quickly respond to changes in the market and the needs of their customers. For these organizations to address complex customer problems better and faster, a design system is imperative. Using tools that enable them to scale their products without needing to re-engineer them will keep them agile and in tune to their customer’s needs.

Although several design systems come with the components needed to build most digital products, they require you to have the capabilities to align them with your brand and product functionality. Infinity was built to be tailored by our experts to your specific context, integrated into your teams’ ways of working, and implemented throughout your products and experiences. We collaborate with our clients to optimize their product development process, so they can improve the speed, scale, and consistency of the solutions they deliver.

At this year’s Future of Design Systems conference, we observed a growing shift towards more flexible design systems that can support multiple brands, products, and platforms. These design systems use technology like design tokens and web components, making them agnostic of any specific framework or methodology. This means the system can be used to scale their digital experiences to meet customers where they are without losing velocity. Design tokens specifically automate visual changes from the designer’s canvas to production code, eliminating manual effort and freeing more of the team’s time to focus on the user’s experience. Infinity is built upon these technologies and it’s ready to be tailored for your organization. 

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