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Develops the cloud and DevOps capabilities you need to bring scalable, secure digital products to market quicker.


How can we leverage the full potential of the cloud and DevOps? 

Cloud technologies and DevOps practices now play a vital role in delivering value for organizations across every sector. From running operations and improving business performance to providing the platforms that help design, develop, and deliver leading digital products.

Yet cloud technologies and DevOps practices are changing all the time. So how can your team stay on top of the latest capabilities to ensure you’re making the most of your cloud potential?

Emergn’s Cloud & DevOps services will maximize your capabilities across the products, platforms and cloud infrastructure that fits your context best. So you can create the secure, scalable, resilient, and cost-effective solutions that deliver value to your organization.

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Answering your most critical cloud and DevOps questions.

Technology is only one part of what we can do for you. By following our VFQ principles of delivering value early and often, optimizing the flow of work end to end, and discovering quality with fast feedback, we start by really getting to know what makes you tick – your business objectives, challenges, and culture.

Cloud strategy and optimization

Navigating cloud technologies can be a complex, time-consuming activity. We bring real-world experience to answer some of the most pressing questions:

  • How can cloud best support your business and technology strategies?
  • Which architectures are right for developing solutions on cloud and hybrid cloud?
  • What skills and capabilities do you need to scale cloud technology effectively?
  • How should you monitor and control operational costs?
  • What ways can you avoid vendor lock-in?

Cloud-first product development

Using the cloud technologies and components you prefer, we’ll help you quickly build the custom applications people want from you. Whether that’s loyalty solutions, gamified sales tools, or personalized customer portals.

Our cross-functional teams span analysis, design, engineering, and quality assurance. They are also well-schooled in product management best practice. By releasing frequently and gathering fast feedback, they’ll ensure your products deliver value early and often.

Cloud platform development

Our expertise lies in building flexible and robust platforms for different types of clients. So they can develop, deploy, and run business applications rapidly and securely no matter what sector they’re in.

With advanced data capabilities, architectural discipline, and engineering standards, we design for automation and enterprise-level operations. This eliminates the need for major upfront investments in infrastructure. It also provides the scalability and elasticity that will enable your organization to grow and maintain business continuity.

DevOps practices

Our DevOps experts take software development and operations to the next level for both cloud and data center hosted solutions. Which means you benefit from more frequent and reliable releases. Faster time-to-market. And streamlined operations that are not only scalable but also resilient and secure.

On the development side, this includes continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. Plus version control and automated testing all the way through to deployment. And on the operations side, we bring expertise in automating infrastructure provisioning, containerization, and monitoring. So you gain more observability, better security, and greater cost control.

How to get started

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, we’ll solve your most pressing challenges so you can continue delivering value. There are three jumping-off points:

Cost modeling and evaluation

We’ll assist in optimizing your spend and ensure you can make more informed decisions to match your cost parameters. To create a cost model for your cloud environment, we’ll look at your objectives, gather the right data, build the model, evaluate different scenarios, consider any trade-offs, monitor costs, and refine your existing approach.

Application cloud modernization

We’ll enable you to move your apps to the cloud in a way that matches your short and longer-term ambitions. Whether that’s re-factoring, re-platforming, re-purchasing, or re-hosting, our experts will show you the best path for your existing apps.

DevOps assessment

We’ll conduct a thorough evaluation of everything you do to see where you can optimize. Our DevOps practice will focus on build and continuous integration (CI), quality assurance, release management, continuous delivery (CD), Infrastructure as Code, and operational support. So you can be sure you have exactly what you need.


We cover a wide range of technologies and tailor these to the context of each of our clients’ operations. Instead of favoring particular technologies or vendors, we prioritize understanding your technology strategy and skillsets. Some of the tools and technologies we have most experience with include:

Leading by example

When you just need to get it done, we can do it for you.

Sometimes you know what it is you need to change. But perhaps you don’t have the time or resources to do it in-house. This is when you can use Leading By Example. We’ll add key personnel – like Cloud Technologists, DevOps Specialists, a Delivery Manager or even a High Performing Team – to get the work done. Your people can learn best practice along the way. And you’ll still deliver what you need to deliver, when you need to deliver it.

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