How do you deliver a consistently high standard of customer experience when you’re constantly doing new things?

The challenge

Motor insurance is more competitive than ever. Switching providers is increasingly easy. And customer loyalty is hard to win.

As consumer demands change, high-quality user experiences and digital self-service products are significant factors in choosing an insurance provider. Having this kind of compelling customer offer also has a direct impact on business costs. Especially when acquiring and retaining customers to build market share.

Our client needed help developing new digital products that would meet the ever-changing needs of its customers and customer service agents.

Unprecedented levels of demand for its high-quality engineering resources meant that they needed an external partner they could rely on. One that could deliver the high volume of product engineering – including microservices and other product components – to launch its new cloud-based motor insurance service within very tight timescales.


We brought in a number of product engineering squads. We also embedded a capsule Product Delivery team in their digital team to work specifically on the Agent Portal product. This had already been identified as a way to enhance the customer experience as well as enabling agents to serve customers quickly and more efficiently.

The capsule team followed Emergn’s Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ) principles to deliver value early and often. To optimize the flow of work from end to end. And to deliver higher quality outcomes through fast feedback.

To create real and lasting change on a wider scale, we also worked to instill a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration. In particular, through coaching their own teams and blending the experiences of Emergn and the client’s people. This exchange of knowledge not only aided collaboration on the Agent Portal but also led to the rapid upskilling of their engineers.

Emergn also installed a Leading By Example product owner who was given a senior management role by the client  – overseeing change and delivering value in product development.

We not only delivered high-quality microservices, we also helped their digital team continue to implement better-designed microservices by keeping those services simple. We increased the speed at which microservices were delivered as well as improved the quality of delivery. Beyond just managing the delivery and build, we also supported their microservices strategy and continued to help solve problems as they arose.

We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for Emergn.

Head of Engineering & Lead Engineering Manager

Our impact

Throughout our engagement, we helped to develop better solutions for microservices. We achieved a customer-centric product and set of processes for agents. And increased their focus on product management rather than project management, building the capability of the wider insurance platform and the client team. The end-to-end product development approach reduced the release cycle from 3 and more months to 2 weeks.

2 weeks

Delivery time cut from 3 months and more to 2 weeks

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