How does a legal firm stop admin getting in the way of high-value client work?

The challenge

HF (Horwich Farrelly) is one of the leading providers of legal and handling services to the UK general insurance claims sector. It has ambitions to be more innovative and grow within the market.

However, a mountain of admin was taking valuable time away from its lawyers’ ability to focus on high-value client work.

The administrative and support staff were also swamped by the time-consuming admin of processing claims cases, involving multiple channels and documents. New fraud detection work was adding to the administrative burden.

The process of entering and validating the information is manual and requires different people at each step to execute separate tasks. This process is not only time-consuming, but prone to error.

The end of the process requires input from key decision-makers and lawyers. This slow and costly process delays the flow of claims through the system.


Emergn implemented Dynamic Claim Management with Intelligent Document Processing as a cloud-first solution.

Our approach automates HF’s administrative processes, powered by cloud and Machine Learning. This radically reduces the time spent on managing new cases by automatically extracting the required information from documents and emails, and refilling forms. This automates the manual workflow, while integrating with legacy systems.

HF users will also be able to easily add requested changes from the clients, via Excel spreadsheets hosted on SharePoint. This automates the creation of new claim types – such as fraud detection – making it dynamic and customizable for all users. It also delivers intelligent risk management by identifying potential fraud cases, presenting similar cases, and highlighting trends.

In Emergn we have a trusted partner who has helped us blend modern ways of working with technology expertise to deliver the business outcomes we need to transform. We value their contribution as we grow our business, and we look forward to developing the relationship further.

Michael Rimmer, Legal Operations Director/Partner, HF

Our impact

This Intelligent Automation approach is expected to reduce time spent on case administration by 70%.

Time spent on adding new claims will be reduced from weeks to a few hours, reducing costs and also enabling the team to quickly add new business opportunities.

It will also completely remove the burden of administration from lawyers – freeing them up to focus entirely on billable legal activities.

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