Infinity Design System

One system to build every user experience.

Reduces the time, cost and effort to build digital user experiences consistently, efficiently, and at scale.


Convenient. Customized. Consistent. These are the core customer expectations for your digital experiences. Yet, it’s not always easy to address such demands ahead of your competitors – especially in a crowded market. This is where a design system can give you an edge.

A design system is a collection of standardized design and code components and guidelines that provide organizations with a repeatable way to design and build digital user experiences consistently, efficiently, and at scale. By using a design system, your teams can efficiently construct products that share a common visual language and structure. One design system can be used to deliver several types of experiences whether you support one or multiple products, platforms, or brands.

And Emergn’s Infinity Design System – or Infinity for short – takes this to a whole new level. Infinity combines a traditional design system with our expertise in Experience Design to produce a tailored system that fits your specific brands, products, and experiences.

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Problems we solve

Speed to market

You struggle to launch valuable features due to technical debt, redesigns, maintenance, or a reliance on external agencies that cannot deliver what you need when you need it.

Scale to meet demand

Addressing the changing needs of your users is getting harder because products are built on different technology stacks and any kind of growth requires significant rework each time.

Consistent experience

User experiences delivered to customers, or the application of your brand identity, are not consistent across your digital products due to a lack of established standards across your organization.

Accessibility compliance

Digital products are not accessible due to a lack of accessibility expertise in the business and the complexity of navigating compliance requirements like the European Accessibility Act and Americans with Disabilities Act.


Infinity will reduce the time, cost, and effort involved in delivering digital products so you can apply our core VFQ principles to make a bigger impact on your customers – delivering value early and often, optimizing the flow of work end to end, and discovering quality with fast feedback.

We follow three key steps to ensure Infinity delivers the expected benefits to your organization and customers:

3 steps to the successful implementation of the Infinity design system - Define strategy, implement and build capability, handoff and support.

We start by defining your design system strategy. We assess how you build digital products, the tools you use, and the effort involved in debt and maintenance versus value-adding features. Then, we create a plan to tailor Infinity to your brand and implement it across your products.

Next, we form a hybrid team of our people and yours to execute this strategy. Our experts will organize the team around the system, facilitating the necessary shifts in the product development process so you can use the system effectively. They will define the order of components to be replaced and which need to be built and adapted to address your products’ unique needs. As your teams start to use Infinity to deliver new features, they’ll be able to spend more effort on improving the customer experience.

We want your organization to be able to use Infinity independently. Once it’s implemented and your team is trained, we give you ownership to continue building and growing your own version. But if you lack the resources in-house, we can also manage the system for you, so you benefit from regular updates and expert support.

What’s included

This is the starting point for building a customized design system for your digital products. Our library includes components that enable designers to create highly usable, accessible, and responsive user experiences. And it’s always improving.

Benefits of Infinity

Integrates a reusable toolset and establishes repeatable processes that eliminate repetitive work, technical debt, and defects.


Creates a shared language between your designers and developers with documentation, governance, and a toolset designed for collaboration.


Allows you to reinvest time, effort, and cost savings into listening to customers and using their feedback to create even more valuable user experiences.


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