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Who we are

Catalin Manolache
Romania Location Lead

Wherever you’re based, when you’re part of Emergn you’re part of a diverse international community of friendly, supportive experts – working and sharing without borders.

Working in Romania, you will help some of the world’s most respected businesses develop their most promising ideas into valuable products and customer experiences.

Emergn brings over a decade of expertise in technology, business transformation and consulting built working with Fortune 500, FTSE 100 and Global 2,000 companies.

We’re looking for talent in various strategic areas of knowledge in engineering fields, including:

  • .NET, JavaScript, Java, C++, Python
  • Data and Analytics
  • Quality Assurance – Automated and Manual
  • Business Analysis
  • Product Design
  • Delivery Management
  • Automation and AI

After joining us, you will become part of Emergn’s global community, as well as your own professional practice. These professional communities encourage knowledge sharing across different teams and locations and help all of us grow and succeed.

Outside of work we genuinely enjoy spending time together. While working remotely, you’ll be invited to participate in several virtual events to meet colleagues outside of your team and have fun with bright and innovative people within various Emergn communities across the world.

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3 ways we give back

We’ll invest in you and your team

You’ll get to work with the latest technologies and innovative working practices through our VFQ philosophy and culture of continuous learning. We also offer a range of personalized learning activities, including internally and externally provided studies and access to professional conferences.

Your wellbeing is important to us

What our employees value the most from our benefits package is generous medical insurance plan. It’s also important to us that you have time to do the things you enjoy outside of Emergn, to come back and be the best version of yourself at work. You’ll find plenty of flexible working opportunities, as well as annual leave and paid days off on certain occasions.

We build connections and have fun

Apart from professional belonging, which is beyond borders, we also embrace our local passions and interests. We believe it’s very important to support local activities, organize teambuilding events and support community building. While working remotely, we found other ways to build ties across the community. You’ll be invited to participate at several virtual events to meet colleagues outside of your team and have fun together.