Delivering impact through partnerships.

Partnerships and certifications

No organization is an island. That’s why we work with companies and institutions that we trust to help our clients achieve their goals. On this page you will find details on some of our long-standing partners as well as a brief overview of our certifications.

Why partner?

Improving the way people and companies work forever means starting with our clients’ outcomes first. Delivering what’s needed often means working closely with others with specialist skills.

We’ve spent years building an ecosystem of the world’s leading technology partners. What underpins it is our shared values, ways of working, and commitment to our clients.

Technology partners

Our focus is only ever on selecting the tools and technologies best suited to get the job done.

We build solutions on open-source or on vendor provided software. It all depends on preferred technology capabilities and strategy. So we work with a range of providers to ensure we have all bases covered. Strategic technology partners include:

Learn more about our experience and expertise in key technologies for Software Development, Intelligent Automation, Cloud & DevOps, and Data & Analytics.

Innovation and knowledge partners

Sharing ideas. Creating interesting points of view. Introducing different perspectives toward solving real-world problems. We collaborate with thought leaders from across the world to bring new thought leadership into the work we do:

Business partners

To increase impact and deliver our mission we work with a range of partners to deliver on our promises. From distributing our education content to co-creating new products, we strategically partner with other organizations to better support our clients around the world:

Talent partners

We’re a business that puts people first. Which means we’re committed to developing world-class talent. Whether that’s recruiting the right people or being involved in research programs, we have a network of partners that can help us grow and develop:


Our services are provided through best practices. This of course includes compliance and control for all relevant standards and regulations. Emergn is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards:

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