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Huge expectations for AI but limited ability to implement?

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How can AI be leveraged to drive value in organizations?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than a buzzword. It’s already transforming the way that organizations operate. And while the opportunities may be endless, that’s also part of the problem for many that have yet to fully adopt it into everyday operations. Not knowing how to progress with AI is a major barrier that’s preventing organizations from taking advantage of AI in everything from decision-making and data quality to task automation and prediction models.

Like any other technology, AI provides the most value by enabling innovations, improving experiences, or increasing efficiencies. So, how can you ensure AI will have a material impact on your organization’s performance? We know that combining people and technology gives our clients a stronger competitive advantage. Which is why our AI services focus on defining value, supporting implementation, and then measuring impact.

Wherever you are on your AI journey, we’ll partner with you to align your AI initiative with your business strategy. Our hands-on approach extends beyond mere development – integrating AI seamlessly with your people, processes, and technology. Ensuring you realize value early and often, are able to track business benefits, and can build up the in-house capabilities to continuously improve your use of AI.

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Creating a customized yet cost-effective way of adopting AI into your business.

We don’t start with the technology. We start with the underlying goals of your organization and the individuals involved. This sets the foundation for customizing AI solutions around what value looks like to you.

Process diagram starting with Inspire and idea generation moving to a circular process of Experiment, Validate, Operate.

This ensures that the AI solutions we put forward are efficient and effective in the context of your business needs.

You could be looking to find efficiencies in an existing process. Improve customer journeys. Or explore game-changing new sources of revenue. From whichever direction you’re coming at AI, our expertise ranges from consulting and advisory to managing and implementing solutions to establishing learning and development programs.

How to get started

Wherever you are on your AI journey, we’ll help answer your most pressing questions.

How do we explore AI for process improvements through to new business models?

Our advisory and consulting services will help you determine where the value of AI lies within your organization. We’ll co-create a discussion document capturing what we’ve heard and our initial recommendations.

Using innovation programs, experimentation, consulting, and applied R&D projects, we’ll reveal your priority use cases. We’ll also set out the business benefits of automation, rationalization, and digitization. And organize a leadership working session to gain buy-in for your next steps.

What are the ways we could elevate our customer or employee experiences with AI?

Our Product and Delivery Managers ensure AI solutions are delivered and fit for purpose. During our inspiration session, we’ll educate, stimulate ideas, and devise strategies on how these technologies can deliver value. We’ll also take you from experimentation and proof of value through to building enterprise-grade solutions. You also have the option to engage an Emergn team who will come in and fill a gap to validate and accelerate an existing program of work.

Or kick-start things by bringing in our Software Engineers with experience in embedding both pre-trained and custom AI models – from translation to computer vision to decision-making.

Where should we invest in the skills to own and improve our AI solutions?

Over the long term, technology solutions are only as good as the people managing them. So we provide you with the skills and capabilities necessary to operate and continuously improve AI.

Through our Centers of Excellence and a custom training and work-based learning program, we give your people the know-how to not only use but also extend the value of AI. This is an empowering experience of ongoing knowledge transfer through experimentation. One that marks a shift from standard user acceptance to active user participation.


We build solutions on open-source or on vendor-provided technologies and our solutions prioritize our clients’ needs and context over any specific vendor recommendations. We work with a broad range of technologies to ensure we have all bases covered. In the field of AI, our experience and expertise include:

Leading by example

When you just need to get it done,
we can do it for you.

When you know exactly what changes you need to make but lack the time or resources to do it in-house, Leading By Example can help. We’ll add key personnel to get the work done. Your people can learn best practice along the way. And you’ll still deliver what you need to deliver, when you need to deliver it.

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