Digital Transformation

Change the way you think, organize and behave to deliver more value.

Tests your product strategy, designs a system of work to deliver it and prioritizes your most valuable work.


How do we make the internal changes necessary to set ourselves up for transformation success? 

Digital Transformation gives curious, determined leaders modern ways to ensure the organization is structured to deliver major change. We’ll ask the critical questions. We’ll advise you on the next steps to take. Then we’ll set you up for success while leaving you with the competencies to continue to transform.

Problems we solve

What should you be working on?

The ambitions of your organization may not match what’s happening in the market or the strategy may not set out exactly what needs to be done.

How should you be working on it?

A lack of alignment between your strategy and your system of work could be preventing you from releasing products, services or features quickly enough.


Bringing the cultural change and modern ways of working to take your organization to the next level.

We don’t follow a particular trend. We focus on our three core Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ) principles. Working alongside you, we deliver value early and often so change has an immediate impact on your organization. We help you optimize the flow of work so that you can avoid the typical blockers of change. We also give you the platform to adopt those practices that sustain a thriving business by discovering quality through fast feedback.

Building an agile, discovery mindset
  • Helping teams adopt the principles of VFQ to increase productivity and reduce waste
  • Building a customer centric, discovery mindset, which encourages acting, learning and fast improvement
  • Showcasing the value of experimentation in combatting the false certainty at the heart of failing IT projects
  • Presenting techniques for defining and visualizing value
Embracing modern measures
  • Enabling leaders to set objectives that matter, and that teams buy into
  • Setting new measurements that drive transformational behaviors and improvement
  • Supporting the shift from a transactional culture to one with customer value at its core
  • Embedding fast feedback loops to drive quality
Mechanics that enable teams to deliver
  • Moving from project to product management to put the customer first
  • Building digital operating models that streamline value creation
  • Redesigning processes for more effective design, development and delivery of products
  • Prioritizing work to meet business objectives through united portfolio management

How to get started

To set up your transformation for success, you’ll need all the right building blocks in place. And to find out what they should be, we follow our Ascend approach to discovery.

Ascend – our approach to discovery

We understand the pain of being charged by a consultancy to learn about your organization and then playback your problems with no concrete next steps. So, we created a product which combines the insights of a typical discovery with delivery of incremental value.

Through Ascend, we baseline your organization. Analyze your system of work and product landscape. Develop actionable insights. Draft a backlog of priority work. Then establish a plan to deliver specific outcomes with experiments to test progress along the way.

Leading by example

When you just need to get it done, we can do it for you.

If you need to deliver an agreed assignment, then you could call on Leading By Example. We’ll add key personnel to your team – like Product Managers or Portfolio Managers – to get the work done. Your people can learn best practice along the way. And you’ll still deliver what you need to deliver, when you need to deliver it.

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