How do you make urgent and critical changes without breaking an enterprise in the process?

The challenge

Our client has long been the leading provider of health insurance. Today, its ambition is to become a leading provider of integrated healthcare. Its ambition is to move beyond insurance and offer a much wider range of health-related products and services.

Of course, such radical change within a business and its operating model demands an equally radical shift in working practices. They knew that its existing ways of working couldn’t support its ambitions. Decision-making and an inability to quantify the value of different pieces of work were particular issues.


We began our Digital Transformation engagement with an intensive discovery phase. For any organization to enhance ways of working, it first needs to gain a clear view of the current flow of work.

Our discovery phase highlighted systemic issues relating to workflow, decision-making, prioritization, and funding. Using this information, we were able to develop an accurate baseline of resource capacity and complete a portfolio-based review of live projects.

To allow them to make the internal changes necessary for company-wide transformation, we also introduced a 90-day planning cycle supported by a robust prioritization framework. Following Emergn’s principles of Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ), this meant they could ensure it was working on the right things, while improving the speed at which work was completed.

Our impact

We built, delivered and ran three 90-day planning cycles and workflow across the business, which are now visible on a single dashboard. As a result, our client is equipped to align its entire portfolio to its strategic objectives and to the prioritization framework we established for the business.

This new ability to see and understand the flow of work through the enterprise has prompted a shift of mindset. It also helped us recommend strategic positionings for their different products. And through executive team coaching, we’ve ensured that the shifts in behavior and process we instigated are becoming properly embedded across this growing business.

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