Intelligent Automation

We combine technology expertise with advanced ways of working so you can use Intelligent Automation to achieve strategic business goals.


How can I improve my business through automation?

Automation with Robotic Process Automation is good at emulating basic human interactions with digital systems. While it can save and free up people’s time by automating manual repetitive and routine tasks, that’s not enough. To succeed with a digital operating model, there’s no single technology or configuration that will cover all your needs.

The radical technology advances in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision now enable automation of unstructured data and decision making. Just because you have a tool, it doesn’t mean you can automate everything. This is where Intelligent Automation comes in.

Intelligent Automation offering with a robot on a production line


We give you a systemic approach to Intelligent Automation. That way you can reach your goals whether they are to free up people’s time or fundamentally change your business to a digital operating model.

We divide automation into three main categories:

  1. Task automation for simple, straight forward automation use cases
  2. Workflow automation where use cases help users collaborate and become more productive
  3. Decision automation for highly cognitive tasks using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Intelligent Automation Categories (Task, Workflow, Decision) and their activities

When it comes to implementing Intelligent Automation, instead of focusing on selecting technologies, our approach starts with your use cases.

We capture the goal and business drivers behind your initiative. Whether they are improving your customer experiences, differentiating your value propositions, or saving operational costs.

  • We start by applying a systemic approach to manage use cases. Identify, prioritize, and evaluate them against the goals.
  • Then we design the solution based on the tools and platforms that provide the task, workflow, and decision automation capabilities you need to implement the use cases.
  • Finally, we establish the operating model, infrastructure, and capability through a Center of Excellence. This enables you to run and realize business value.
Intelligent Automation Drivers from manage use cases to build solutions to run operations

Common Use Cases

Know Your Customer

Chatbots. Customer information enrichment. Development of a customer app and portal. We help you improve the gathering of information so you can improve your customer experience.

Intelligent Case Management

From structuring customer claims to developing interactive apps, we help you streamline case-based processes. We can automate manually controlled processes like reminders, approvals, new case arrivals, and much more.

Data Extraction and Data Enrichment

Using Optical Character Readers (OCR) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we enable you to extract and enrich semi-structured and unstructured text.

Back-Office Management

Intelligent Automation can optimize back-office processes like insurance claims. It can enable chatbots to answer your employees’ questions. Or it can create pipeline management and incident management. We’ll find ways it can support you.

Document Workflow Management

We help you streamline document management processes by automating document rooting, meta-data extraction, and anonymization.

Managed Consulting Services

When you need to scale up Intelligent Automation, our specialists are on hand to build up an enterprise-wide capability and Center of Excellence.

How to get started

Intelligent Automation can cover everything from single tasks to workflows to decision-making. We offer three different starting points that will help you gain momentum toward your goals.

Intelligent Automation Strategy Workshop

Do you need to build a new strategy? We will help you evaluate what you want to do against a clear benefit model. We’ll work from the top down to review use cases with high potential. We’ll also set out success metrics so you can monitor progress.

Automation Use Case Identification

Are you looking to justify automation use cases? We use a blend of analysis and ideation to create a prioritized list of automation use cases. Through interviews, process mapping, and checklists, we also highlight the potential impact.

Data-Driven Automation Assessment

What can your data tell you about what to automate? We use process mining and mapping, data analysis, and interviews to categorize which use cases are ready for automation.


We build solutions on open-source or on vendor provided technologies. It all depends on our clients’ needs and context rather than recommending specific vendors. We work with a broad range of technologies to ensure we have all bases covered. In the field of Intelligent Automation, our experience and expertise include:

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