How do you make radical changes to a health and benefits operation and keep the patient healthy?

The challenge

Health and benefits management for employees in the US typically comes in the form of a one-size-fits-all application. However, companies quickly realize that these standard offerings don’t always align with strategic ambitions or they are inefficient and subject to rising costs.

For one Fortune 500 Diversified Financials group – a leader in the health and benefits market – this was an opportunity to update its existing offering.

The aim? To provide a truly user-centric, easy to manage, and flexible digital application tailored to the needs of each company. One that was not only effective and efficient for businesses and their employees but also created a user experience that would mark it out from the rest.


Like many of our most successful Intelligent Automation engagements, this was a collaboration between Emergn, our client, and the technology.

Automation and unification were our watchwords. So we had to start by building up a working knowledge of the health and benefits market before designing the technology that would allow for growth, scalability, and a great user experience.

Transforming the existing software platform into one that could deliver this kind of exceptional, user-first experience involved converging multiple pre-existing systems and established processes.

The final product was built from 10 different elements developed by cross-located teams. Our experts used a blend of ASP.NET, Angular, Oracle, and Sitecore technologies. Right from the very beginning, the teams deployed Agile, Lean, and Design Thinking and followed an innovative lifecycle framework.

Our impact

For the business, our two-year project streamlined what had been a cumbersome and costly element of their operations. For its customers, we created a far more user-friendly and time-efficient way of managing their health and benefits.

Over 120 major clients have adopted this new system and there are approximately one million current users. We continue to add new products and have already generated more than $3.5 Billion savings for a wide range of end customers. 

120 clients

Have adopted the platform

1 Million

Current users

$3.5 Billion

In savings

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