How does an energy consulting firm expand into global markets and unlock future revenue streams?

The challenge

AEG is on a mission to help utilities reduce the amount of carbon they produce. It does so through personalized consulting services and customizable technology for utilities, government agencies and organizations.

They were looking to expand its business beyond the US into global markets – specifically Canada and the UK – as well as unlocking new future revenue streams.

These aspirations were being hampered by outdated, complex, and expensive analytics platforms, application data, software, and infrastructure.

This was impacting the business’s ability to support its customers. It undermined development processes and understanding the needs of different groups.


Since 2018, Emergn has been working with AEG to introduce flexible, cost-effective and modern technology solutions. Through a series of partnerships, we’ve boosted Agile ways of working to help increase efficiencies, improve customer insight and satisfaction and unlock future revenue streams.

We replaced an outdated and expensive analytics platform with a modern approach that embedded Power BI dashboards. In another project, we ran an eight-week Machine Learning experiment to look at improving on their semi-structured, non-standardized program application data.

They have also been pushing the limits of Excel use for complex data studies. It had become a frustrating and error-prone process that was taking up a lot of time and resources. So we built a data warehousing, modeling, and reporting tool, that can integrate with the rest of their product suite.

We also helped them shift away from complex on-premise infrastructure into the cloud. This included introducing DevOps practices and infrastructure monitoring, alerting and automation, and infrastructure-as-a-code.

They have been successful at improving workflows by following our Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ) metrics.

It’s the combination of Emergn’s technological abilities, forward-thinking strategic approach and well-defined delivery – so that our clients’ organizations move forward with your products. We’re definitely looking forward to the future with Emergn’s help and to transform our business through this engagement.

Tim Maslak, President of AEG

Our impact

Through the adoption of modern, flexible and cost-effective technologies, and Agile ways of working, AEG has been able to branch out of its US market and unlock new revenue streams.

They won a Government project to create a portal for a major sustainable housing initiative. This would have taken them several months to deliver and kept it out of contention. A competitor offered to deliver it in six weeks. AEG delivered it in two.

Our mobile compatible, customizable, and scalable dashboards replaced their outdated analytics platform. This alone reduced maintenance costs by a factor of two.

Emergn’s modern platform for data warehousing, modeling and reporting increased employee efficiency by a factor of three. It also contributed to reducing employee burnout. The future-proof solution unlocked the ability to process big data sets. This has enabled them to get more value out of the available data and potential new revenue streams for the future.

Moving from on-premise to the cloud enabled their teams to adapt faster and scale quicker when taking on new opportunities. Many of which would have been previously difficult – if not impossible – to deliver.

Consumption-based automatic scaling helps the business meet client demands. Infrastructure monitoring and alerting helps uncover and fix any issues quickly. Meanwhile, the time taken to create new infrastructure has been cut from days to just hours.

Modern ways of working have allowed them to improve customer satisfaction too. Simply by delivering more valuable solutions much faster. By improving development team workflows, overall lead times have been slashed from months to weeks. For the most important requirements, it takes just days to launch new services.

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