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We combine technology expertise with advanced ways of working so your investments in Data & Analytics can deliver strategic business outcomes.


How can I use data to make better, faster decisions?

Data & Analytics is maturing from a set of skills to a core part of business success. Yet in some organizations, analytics is still seen as just a support function rather than integral to ongoing transformation. In others, a siloed approach to data management undermines efforts to create new value propositions, improve efficiency, or enhance customer experiences. That’s because data isn’t seen as an asset in its own right.

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We collaborate with you to establish the bigger picture. We start by mapping the production of data assets and the analytical information your business actually needs. We then encourage divergent thinking to identify new ways to use data, reporting, and decision-making.

Our teams are specialists at delivering modern ways of working with data and analytics – from design ideas through to operation. We have qualified experts who can cover each stage, starting with data ingestion, including its modeling, transformation and integration, and up to visualization. We build modern and traditional data platforms to enhance your data processing methods, advanced analytics and business intelligence capabilities.


How can we elevate your data and analytics function? We understand the importance of owning, controlling and getting valuable insights from your data, so we propose a combination of these capabilities:

Data Platforms

We build complete solutions for your end-to-end data needs. All the data your business generates and ingests needs to be unified, modeled and well structured across the enterprise. This creates a single source of truth and supports your teams with a solid spectrum of data management tools to unlock value.

Business Intelligence and Visualization

We reveal the actionable insights within your data so you gain a better understanding of what’s happening and why. This enables your teams to identify unbiased patterns in your data and then make objective decisions.

Advanced Analytics

We partner with you to apply advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to extract meaningful insights from your data. We open new horizons for your business with predictive and suggestive analytics that allow your teams to efficiently operate and optimize outcomes.

Centers of Excellence

Data and analytics are strategic assets and business critical functions. We always recommend establishing your own in-house capability. We share our knowledge with you and help establish a Center of Excellence. We structure your data assets, information security and data governance so it’s fit for the future.

How to get started

Ready to scale up the value you get from your data and analytics? Not sure where to begin? We’ve got three ways you can kick-start improvements in your data and analytics program.

Business Intelligence Roadmap

Are you looking to link data to your decision-making? We talk to key people to understand their aspirations and decision-making process. We map your data to these decisions. And we support the process with repeatable frameworks and checklists to achieve maximum efficiency.

Experimentation and Concept Validation

Do you need to prove a concept? When you know the problem you are trying to solve, you can build a technical proof of concept. We take the data you give us and process it for analysis. We analyze it using both, data modeling (traditional) and machine learning (advanced) analytics techniques, and then visualize the results.

Data & Analytics Lab

Do you need to manage your data more efficiently? We work with your product owners and data specialists to understand what prevents them from achieving their goals. We work with them to examine your data management approach. Then we talk through opportunities to improve.


We specialize in the areas of data engineering, data analysis and data science. We build solutions on open-source or on vendor provided technologies. It all depends on our clients’ needs and context rather than recommending specific vendors. In the field of Data & Analytics, our extensive experience and expertise includes:

Modern data platforms

Modern, advanced, scalable and future-driven approach to manage and extract valuable insights from your data:

Traditional data platforms

Proven, reliable and time-tested way to store, manage and visualize your data:

Data analysis and visualization

Powerful and interactive data visualization:

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