Use your data to be more agile

Use your data to be more agile - pins in a board connected by string

Agile processes need to be inspected and continuously improved over time.

As a data analyst, I always ask: “What we can improve on using data?”. During the agile process, we can collect a lot of granular data about almost every activity, who does what, etc.

Probably the most interesting and useful data is about communication patterns. Usually, analysis of communication is the main task of the retrospective. But, what if you can use organization-wide communication data system to find out how agile teams are communicating with others outside the team and what kind of communication pattern helps the agile team to be more successful? In this HBR article, you can read a description of some common patterns that can be recognized visually using simple network diagram visualization in self-service BI tools (Power BI, Tableau, others).


Use your organization-wide communication data: calendar events, emails, and chat conversations to find communication patterns to understand what makes your agile teams more productive and how it is linked with other parts of your organization or even outside the organization.