Aldis Ērglis named Chairman of Emergn Latvia

Aldis Ērglis, Emergn VP of Technology Strategy, has been appointed as the new Chairman of global digital business services provider Emergn Latvia.

Ērglis has extensive experience in developing innovative IT solutions; he is an enthusiastic founder and leader of communities in the Baltics and has contributed to research on data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Founder and CEO of Emergn, Alex Adamopoulos, emphasizes: “In the past few years, the world has experienced many challenges, and the IT sector is no exception – we have extensive changes ahead of us. Demand for innovative technological solutions keeps growing. Furthermore, now more than ever, the human – understanding one’s team and motivations – plays a particularly crucial part in successful business operations. We see that Aldis, with his knowledge and experience in technological innovations, as well as his empathy and understanding of teamwork when creating an internal culture, will give Emergn Latvia the right drive for new achievements. We appreciate and support Aldis’ desire to share his knowledge with local Latvian businesses and particularly the state sector, thus helping to implement meaningful and lasting change.”

Ērglis will continue to organize Emergn Latvia’s technology strategy and scale the work with global and Latvian partner organizations. “We work with a wide range of international customers, but I am gratified that we can also implement sustainable, effective innovations in the local state and private sector customers. Emergn is one of the major suppliers of IT services to the Latvia government, including SRS, and it means Emergn will support digital transformation in the local market and remain a great place for building IT carriers in Latvia on a variety of technologies from business analysis, and programming to big data analytics and Machine Learning,” adds Ērglis.

When discussing his aims for motivating employees and promoting their well-being, Ērglis emphasizes: “A large part of how we work and what we provide to our employees is the culture of continuous learning. We not only encourage knowledge sharing and have a number of learning programs in place but also teach our employees how to apply the principles of Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ), our approach to delivering transformation, to their daily work. We also provide access to our Learning Services content, which has been used by thousands of people and hundreds of companies around the world since 2012 and is an important part of our employees’ learning and development. We believe these investments are particularly important for maintaining talent motivation in the IT sector. Also, hybrid working is the new reality at work, and this comes with its own challenges when developing an internal culture. We are now, therefore, investing in new types of work to help us find the best solution for increasing the levels of socializing in hybrid office life and strengthening our internal community at the company. We will emphasize the importance of socialization and collaboration at the office.”

At Emergn Latvia, Ērglis also heads the Machine Learning Lab, which creates, tests, and experiments with new, progressive technological tools for a varied client base. In addition to his work at Emergn, Ērglis is the founder of the largest data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence community in the Baltics. Over the past three years, he has organized more than 100 events attended by more than 2,500 members of the community. Ērglis is also engaged in scientific research as a Scientific Researcher at the University of Latvia’s Scientific Institute of Economics and Management and is an annual moderator and organizer at RIGA COMM, the largest artificial intelligence conference in the Baltics.

About Emergn

Emergn is a global digital business services firm helping companies develop their most promising ideas into valuable digital products and customer experiences, faster. Emergn offers learning, consulting, and technology services to help clients own their transformation, and create high-performing teams. Our capabilities span product innovation, experience design, product delivery, intelligent automation, learning skills and capabilities, data and analytics, and business transformation. Emergn is a valued member of the Latvian business community, and with over 350 employees in Riga and Liepaja, it represents Emergn’s largest location. Emergn operates in over a dozen countries, with its U.S. headquarters in Boston and EMEA headquarters in London.

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