Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise Transformation ensures everything you do is focused on customer outcomes and real transformation.


How do I create a high-performance culture?

The pressure on large enterprises is greater than ever. Customers are more demanding. Markets are more competitive. And organizations slow to adapt can miss opportunities for growth and risk losing market share to nimbler rivals.

Knowing where you want to be as an organization will help you lead in a complex environment. But this isn’t easy to do. Your ambition may not match what’s already happening in the market. Your strategy may not set out exactly what needs to be done. Your system of work may not be ready to actually implement the strategy. Without alignment you won’t be able to release products, services, or features quickly enough.

Enterprise Transformation is about understanding the work that needs to be done. Stopping work that doesn’t need to be done. And putting in place the systems of work that allow your people to get the right work done efficiently and effectively.


We ensure your organization is geared to work on what’s most valuable for delivering your strategy. We start by asking the critical questions. Then we advise you on how to achieve your strategic business outcomes. We base our approach on the principles of Value, Flow, Quality. Delivering value early and often. Managing the flow of work end to end. And driving quality through fast feedback. Here are some of the steps in our approach:

  • Review your strategy and put in place a system of work that you can deliver and adapt along the way.
  • Look at your work in progress and portfolio of demand and categorize these in line with strategic business outcomes.
  • Examine ways of working to identify any bottlenecks that prevent you serving your customers well.
  • Reveal the behaviors that are being created due to existing governance or funding.
  • Design a Value Framework around implementing your strategy.
  • Give you a new Target Operating Model with new mechanics, metrics, artefacts and techniques you should use.
  • Create a Transformation Roadmap, including the business architecture, ways of working, and education required to deliver it.

How to get started

Your starting point could be a transformation program that’s gone stale. Or it could be a completely clean slate. Depending on where you are with your transition to modern ways of working, there are three clear starting points for Enterprise Transformation.

Leadership Hearts & Minds Workshop

Enterprise transformation depends on understanding, buy-in and ownership from the executive team. Our workshop gets everyone on board with what’s required. Whether your business is new to modern ways of working or not.

Roadmap to New Ways of Working

Designing a new system of work requires an assessment of existing practices. We map your current approach. We analyze your portfolio and project data. And we interview the people who know about current ways of working. We then set out a bespoke pathway with clear milestones.

Knowing “What is most important?”

Knowing what you have, its quality and how it fits your strategic goals will help answer, “What is most important?” We visualize the dependencies within your organization – from customer and staff experiences through to company assets. We also make the implicit within your business explicit so you can act on what really happens.

Leading by Example

For when you just need to get it done, we can do it for you.

If you need to deliver an agreed assignment, then you could call on Leading By Example. We’ll add key personnel to your team – like Product Managers or Portfolio Managers – to get the work done. Your people can learn best practice along the way. And you’ll still deliver what you need to deliver, when you need to deliver it.

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