How to add more intelligence to your application with Machine Learning and AI

In contemporary digital work, enriching applications to best respond to the users’ needs is becoming increasingly important. Applications with more intelligence and advanced intelligent features tend to become more competitive in the market and there are many ways to make an application more intelligent: integrate a simple conversational AI that works like a chatbot, apply pre-training AI for automatic translation, and many other possibilities.  

Often, when thinking about technologies like AI and Machine Learning, people tend to believe that these are very advanced concepts, and if they want to implement them, they would need to become a Data Scientist or hire one. However, it is not as complex and impossible as it seems. As a developer, you’re able to add intelligence to your application easily. You can add features that allow it to be more interactive with the user, such as understanding language, speaking, voice synthesis, translating, and seeing through computer vision. With some basic AI and ML knowledge, and often without any training, you can use plenty of tools to make your application more intelligent and stand out from the competition.

This year, at the DevCon 2022 conference in Bucharest, Aldis Erglis, our Chairman and VP Latvia with a vast experience in AI, Machine Learning, and automation, presented the masterclass “How to add more intelligence to your application with Machine Learning and AI.”

In his session, he explored the following topics:

  • Applications powered by Machine Learning
  • Uses cases and examples of pre-trained AI/ML models you can use in your application 
  • How to build custom ML models 
  • Books you can learn from to enrich your application and learn more about AI/ML 

If you want to learn more about taking advantage of common and easy-to-implement intelligent Machine Learning and AI to improve your application and make it more competitive in the market, watch the masterclass.