Develop your people with the mindset and skills to achieve outstanding results at scale and speed.

VFQ, Emergn’s work-based learning program, supports enterprises and individual learners who want to adopt modern ways of working so they can deliver better products and services, compete more effectively in the digital economy, or bring new ideas to market.

VFQ courses are powering the world’s largest organizations:


Empower your people to drive innovation forward

Emergn's VFQ - Guiding PrinciplesVFQ acknowledges that the most effective learning happens on the job. We offer a number of configurations to help enterprises support learning at scale and at the right price point, but also for different types of learners and intensities.

We have a number of courses and pathways that can be delivered in person, blending the classroom, coaching support and work-based activities to allow people to put ideas into practice and get fast feedback when applying the learning to their own work. For individual learners, our instructor-led and online courses are designed to support people who are happy to learn remotely or self-study.

Emergn’s Learning services are just one part of creating sustainable change and improving the way our enterprise clients bring their best ideas, products and services to market. Whether a transformation starts with teaching people Agile ways of working, developing product management capability, changing the way portfolio management works, or aligning strategy across your technology and business teams, there is a way for education to support building better products and improving the way work works.

Credibility at our core

VFQ focuses on outcomes rather than the rollout of any one specific methodology. It is founded on the principle that lasting change requires transformative learning, designed to enable people to discover and learn the best skills and practices that apply to their own work.

VFQ fuses insights and guidance from thousands of books, models, practitioners and case studies. All VFQ content has been developed alongside some of the world’s most iconic companies, influential standards bodies and leading universities. Our content is continuously refreshed to reflect the latest learnings and trends within the industry. Our roadmaps were the foundation for the CEB’s Roadmap for Agile Success, and VFQ material is part of degrees and postgraduate university courses with Aberdeen University in the UK and Granite State College in the US.

VFQ is used by hundreds of companies around the globe. It is changing the way organizations adopt disciplines such as Agile, Design Thinking, Lean and Systems Thinking in support of their innovation efforts to compete more effectively in the digital economy. To get a sense for how VFQ education can be applied to real-life work, watch the story of how BBC Digital used work-based learning in support for their Agile transformation:


BBC Case Study Video

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Learn more

VFQ was built from the ground up with insights from thousands of books, models, practitioners and case studies. Download our brochure to learn more.

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