VFQ Agile Practitioner Pathway

There are many different Agile frameworks, methods and tools. All have pros and cons. Some work well for organizations and others don’t fit into the context of how teams work end-to-end.

VFQ Agile Practitioner Pathway

Our Agile Practitioner Pathway develops practitioners who know how to adapt Agile to the context of the organization, and create a working process that really works for the team. It’s designed for anyone that works in a development team.

You may be a designer, analyst, tester, developer, or you might work alongside product teams or need to work with teams as either a customer or business partner, or as a manager. Whatever your role, this pathway helps you to understand Agile ways of working and engage effectively to design, build and launch new ideas.



Download the VFQ Agile Practitioner Pathway brochure

Create people in your organization who have a deep understanding of the principles and practices required to operate effectively, grow your people’s skills and capabilities in a sustainable way.