An overview of VFQ

Changing the way people and companies work. Forever.

Emergn's VFQVFQ is Emergn’s work-based education approach that supports all the people in business who want to learn and adopt new, modern ways of working to deliver products and services, or any other ideas to market. VFQ focuses on outcomes rather than the roll-out of any one specific methodology. It is founded on the principle that lasting change requires transformative learning, designed to enable people to discover and learn the best skills and practices that apply to their own work.

Instead of teaching everyone lots of different frameworks and methodologies, and changing them over time to meet the new trend, wouldn’t it be better to create a language, an underlying mindset, a way of thinking through problems, and a set of techniques that can be applied to whichever methodology a team chooses to use? That’s what VFQ is designed to do.

VFQ helps organizations focus on designing work processes to maximize outcomes, rather than on the implementation of methodologies that don’t quite fit the needs of the people or the organizational context.


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