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Join Emergn’s global Product Design practice and help bring our clients’ most promising ideas into valuable products and customer experiences.

Emergn is a global digital business services organization with a mission to improve the way people and companies work. Forever. We do three things, and we do them well:

  1. We design and deliver great digital products and customer experiences.
  2. We bring your most valuable ideas to market sooner.
  3. We build capability through our work-based learning platform.

Product Design Job Openings

Emergn is looking for experienced Product Designers, Design Engineers and UX Researchers in Portugal, Latvia and Romania to help shape our company’s future, play a significant role in its growth and deliver lasting improvements to our client’s performance. We need curious and skilled professionals with a passion and expertise in creating great intuitive digital experiences.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with Emergn’s highly proficient and skilled team to explore, identify and implement solutions for some of the world’s most respected businesses. Here, you’ll be working with our design team using the most modern technologies , our design system, and latest working practices based on our principles of Value, Flow and Quality (VFQ) and culture of continuous learning. You will immerse yourself in Emergn’s Product Design practice, where you will engage in learning activities and share best practices with like-minded individuals, all while bringing a sense of belonging and inclusion to your career.

With Emergn, you are part of a diverse international community of friendly, supportive experts, working and sharing without borders.

Every day, across the world, our teams are pioneering faster, better ways to bring our clients’ most exciting ideas to life.

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Our product design practice

Margarida Carvalho
Practice Lead

Creating transformative experiences that improve people’s lives.

As designers, we’re used to applying our imaginations to work creatively for our clients. We’re eager to use innovative product design to transport people to places they couldn’t get to on their own. That’s easier said than done.

At Emergn, we follow the principles of Value, Flow and Quality (VFQ) to deliver the kind of value our clients want no matter what challenges we face –whether that’s an undefined problem that needs to be solved, the expectation of a 100% ready-for-market product before launch or a lack of feedback from users. We use our VFQ approach to work smarter and deliver the right outcomes.

  • We validate concepts through research, prototyping and testing.
  • We experiment and use insights to let the best ideas shine through.
  • We think of user research, usability testing and customer feedback as an ongoing relationship, not a one-off.

Emergn teams are not tied to one tool or approach either. We believe that by bringing together strategy, design and technology, we can create transformative experiences that improve people’s lives.

What we can offer

The opportunity to do your best work

Here, you can push boundaries through challenging and varied work for some of the world’s most respected international businesses.

A space to feed your curiosity

Build your digital skills and learn leading-edge ways of working through our Value, Flow, Quality philosophy and culture of continuous learning.

A community where you belong, everywhere

Become part of a diverse community of friendly experts, working and sharing without borders.