3 guiding principles to align learning with business outcomes.

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L&D teams are the bridge between organizational strategy and professional development. Upskilling individual employees is no longer enough. L&D teams are building internal capabilities and creating the best learning environment for large-scale transformation across the organization. During this session, learn about three guiding principles to gain a new lens on how L&D can make a greater impact on employees, customers, and business outcomes shared through real-life client experiences.

You’ll learn new ways to:

  • Understand what is valuable to your company and what’s invaluable to your employees and customers.
  • Learn and recognize transformational roadblocks.
  • Define what quality means for learning and why you need feedback in your work.

Speakers: Steven Angelo-Eadie, Head of Learning Services, Emergn and Staci Dubovik, Product Director, Emergn

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Steven Angelo-Eadie


Steven Angelo-Eadie has been involved in IT for more than 30 years. In 2004, he began helping teams improve their agility while working with Microsoft on the Domain-Specific Languages and Software Factories projects. Since then he has educated thousands of people across the globe and led numerous Agile education programs in some of the most complex and prestigious organizations. He has also developed courses and content alongside clients, which includes building coaching communities in the transformations he’s worked on. Deeply committed to helping people and organizations improve the way they work, he passes on his knowledge and enthusiasm to leave lasting capabilities and confidence.

Staci Dubovik


Staci Dubovik is a Product Director at Emergn with progressive leadership experience from consulting and in-house roles across various industries, including e-commerce, education, entertainment, finance, and healthcare. She is passionate about improving the way people work. She brings a global perspective as a leader, coach, educator, facilitator, mentor, and change agent to inspire teams to continuously deliver better products, services, and experiences.