Improving product innovation and design with AI and ML.

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AI and ML are becoming more ubiquitous across organizations. Our recent Intelligent Automation Survey report, Realizing the Human-Machine Relationship, found that many are already successfully implementing and using this technology, especially for customer service, which was revealed to be the #1 use case for intelligent automation across industries and countries. However, only 2% of respondents say their team has the right skills to truly benefit from automation. And 56% believe that better guidance around best practices for implementation would have ensured greater ROI from automation.

How can product leaders harness automation for innovation and validate good ideas their team already has, while also unearthing new ideas? In this webinar, we share findings from our intelligent automation survey of technology leaders and discuss how to implement human-centered AI for better product innovation and design.

Speaker: Joana Cerejo, Experience Design Lead, Emergn

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Joana Cerejo

A Product Designer since 2010, Joana is passionate about Digital Design and the Human Experience. She is a data-driven designer with a huge curiosity for how future technologies will shape the design creation process. She is also a Ph.D. student in the Austin Portugal Program at the University of Porto under the Digital Media program. Her research focuses on exploring the boundaries between Human-centered Design (HCD), Human-computer Interaction (HCI), and Service Design (by Anticipatory Design) – through Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) – within AI and Internet of Things (IoT). She is a certified Designer by Norman and Nielsen Group in UX Management.