Technology doesn’t replace all skills

Technology doesn't replace all skills - Alexa device on a stack of books

If you remember Moore’s Law, then you remember that one of the key principles was the rate of technological change being nearly every 12+ months on average and in some cases quicker than that.

Well, with AI in the mix, the rate of change is closer to 3.5 months on average. The pace of change with AI technologies is actually quite staggering given how hard it is for many organizations to respond to the digital business climate.

Leaders are faced with the reality that the introduction and use of AI is more like a relay race and less like a marathon. As soon as one use is developed, there’s a handoff to improve it in another area. Skills gap, technology constraints and organizational change will all impact how well or how bad AI makes an organization compete.

That said, there is still a critical need for critical thinking and for people inside organizations to develop and maintain a mindset founded on modern principles. Technology will never replace the need for all skills, especially those that require us to build better products and open new markets.


Thinking about the rate of change in your organization, what principles and practices do you need to ensure are present that will help you respond better to change?