Who told you Agile was ‘the answer’ for the public sector?

publictechnologyWho told you Agile was any kind of a ‘silver bullet’? Brian Hanley of Agile consultancy Emergn – who is convinced the approach really has value – is nonethless worried about the hype and lack of realism.

Agile is very much a buzzword on the lips of UK government right now; indeed, ‘Agile across Government’ is a movement gaining greater support and visibility. Every week Brian meets and talks with a variety of government Departments and public service entities that all have but one question: “What can Agile do for us?”

And the answer is, genuinely, ‘a lot’. But there are some caveats. The reality is that it’s all too easy to forget that a methodology is not an end in itself, but rather a model and a set of techniques that allows people within the public sector to understand how to work together more effectively in delivering better outcomes and value-for-money on behalf of UK tax-payers.

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