NWA Product Management Guild

Logo for the NWA Product Management Guild

The vision

Be the recognized and trusted authority for product management leadership, industry best practices, and body of knowledge expertise in Northwest Arkansas.

The mission

Lead the product management profession, focused in Northwest Arkansas, in developing and promoting vendor-neutral product management approaches, industry best practices, body of knowledge expertise, and educational services that facilitate the efficient development of products and services.

Steering Committee members with Emergn

The Guild is built with the support of the steering committee and in partnership with Emergn, known in the marketplace for product management expertise and thought leadership.

Follow the LinkedIn group for details of future meetups.

Why attend

We will provide training, best practices and share experiences that we all can learn from and apply. Our goal is the improvement and successes of our members and their companies by applying product management best practices. By doing so, we can build a community of practice in Northwest Arkansas.

Who should attend

The program will benefit a wide variety of job functions. Some specific roles include: Product Managers, Chief Product Owner, Technical Product Owner, Product Marketing Manager, Entrepreneur, Product Analyst, Business Analyst, Product Director and Product Developers.