Agile Practitioner Pathway

Adapt Agile to your context and create a working process that really works

There are many different agile frameworks, methods, and tools. All have pros and cons. Some work well and others don’t fit the context of how teams work end to end.

Our Agile Practitioner Pathway develops practitioners who can adapt Agile to your context and create a working process that actually works for your team.

It’s designed for anyone that works in a development team. Designers. Analysts. Testers. Developers. Or anyone working alongside product teams. Whatever the role, this pathway helps people understand agile ways of working and engage effectively to design, build, and launch new ideas.

We believe that being a true practitioner is worth recognizing and something to be proud of. Because of this, we offer the opportunity to become an Emergn Certified Agile Practitioner. An Emergn Certification is a mark based on real evidence of practice, action and reflection. We’ve built them for practitioners and people who want to develop deeper expertise in actually doing what they learn.

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