Agile Enablement

Agile is in our DNA, but we don’t take a blanket approach. We simplify the many different flavors of agile into three practical principles – value, flow and quality – so that you can cut through the confusion and achieve real, visible results.

A practical approach to agile

One of the most sought-after and talked-about forms of business transformation, agile promises to accelerate the pace of innovation and the delivery of new ideas to market. That popularity often means many businesses are encouraged to take a one-agile deployments that don’t live up to the hype.

At Emergn, we believe that there is no single agile methodology that will check all of the boxes in all contexts for every business. Instead, we evaluate your current way of working to determine if you have the mindset, mechanics, and measures to do your best work, regardless of methodology.


Mindset describes how the business thinks. It’s about how culture, values and priorities manifest themselves throughout the organization. Does your thinking reflect a traditional mindset – one with fixed standards, workflows, and expectations – or a discovery mindset, which encourages acting, learning or fast improvement?


Mechanics describes ‘what we do’ as an organization. The processes and practices that staff use each day to get their jobs done. It’s also the various tools and technologies that are relied upon to get work done.


Without the appropriate organizational support, such as leadership, policies and governance, any transformational effects will be short-lived. Discovery is about understanding the effects of management on the performance of improvements.

Agile that fits your context

Agile enablement is all about meeting customer expectations and delivering actual value and quality, no matter how you do it. Whether you’re starting to adopt Scrum or Kanban or you’re already scaling using methods like SAFe or LeSS, we help you adopt change that fits the unique context of your business.

We have helped clients achieve higher value from product delivery through a focus on lowering the cost of delay. Emergn clients have also benefited from shorter lead time and increased frequency in the delivery of new ideas to market.


Agile Enablement Benefits

Roadmap for Agile Success

Roadmap for Agile Success

Download our Roadmap for Agile Success thought paper to examine gaps in your organization’s agile implementation. We distill years of direct agile experience at scale into a single document that can help your organization develop a plan for ongoing improvement.

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