Product and Portfolio Management

The rigid structures, processes and rules of the traditional project management model are often more about managing scope, schedules and resources than it is about delivering a valuable product. We are experts on a product mindset that favors continuous delivery, fast and frequent feedback, and experimentation.

A new perspective on product development

Product-oriented model

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Traditional project management models are built on handoffs between the business and IT, which are meant to work together to ensure that the end-product maps back to business goals. In practice, this transactional process is slow, expensive, and degrades the quality of engagements between business and IT. Inefficiencies lead to a slower time to market and often mean the end-product isn’t right for the market.

At Emergn, we believe that organizations excel in product development because they’re able to do three things very well:

  • Deliver value early and often to reduce risk and enhance adaptability
  • Optimize the flow of work from end to end, accelerating value and time to market
  • Obtain frequent, fast feedback from customers and users to ensure quality

We help organizations move from a projects-dominant model to one that invests, grows and builds products. One in which the finite timing, discrete funding and tightly controlled project management philosophy are replaced by a continuously funded product development team that is empowered to experiment, explore and meet real-world customer expectations.

Moving from projects to products

Moving from projects to products

Read our thought paper, featuring content from Gartner, on the importance of a product mindset and change the way you think about delivering value.

The benefits

Transitioning from a projects to products workflow offers several benefits, including:

Product Focused Organization - Small teams

Small teams, or squads, that are empowered to do their best work.

Product Focused Organization - Specific value

Product and service teams focused on specific value.

Product Focused Organization - Value propositions

Product managers that create value propositions that people want to work on.

Product Focused Organization - Operational alignment

Operations and development are aligned.

Product Focused Organization - Centralized Investment

Centralized strategy and investment decisions with decentralized product, feature and implementation decisions.

Product Focused Organization - Best engineering environments

The best engineering environments and standards that allow for continuous integration, deployment and delivery.


Mastering agile finance

Mastering agile finance

To really transform the way work works and improve the way a company works, forever, you need to change the way investment decisions are made and tracked.

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