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A new model for prioritization to help CIOs deliver value from their portfolios

What is time worth to your company? We measure projects on cost and size, but although we pursue deadlines, we have little idea how to value time.

Without a way of measuring and comparing time sensitivity, we find ourselves making poor, subjective prioritization decisions. This thought paper introduces and explains an approach called CD3, designed to help deliver value as fast as the business needs it.

Highly practical, this thought paper takes you through ways of assessing and quantifying benefits, calculating a cost of delay and then weighting it by duration to create the CD3 figure for prioritization.

Benefits from a CD3 implementation include:

  • a clear focus and prioritization
  • a data-drive solution; ‘less yelling and screaming’
  • use of language that will make the Board sit up and pay attention
  • improved results that go beyond the traditional business case approaches
  • reduced time to market for IT solutions
  • focus across the business on the most profitable ideas or problems
  • a system that recognizes urgency
  • increased ROI on IT solutions

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