The importance of owning your transformation

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January is traditionally a month of change and self-improvement (new year, new you, etc.). Whether that’s exercising more or devising a list of goals for the year ahead, that sense of taking stock and looking to evolve applies to businesses too. 

We live in a competitive climate where change isn’t just inevitable, it’s continuous. Organizations are under constant pressure to keep moving, to stay ahead of the pack, so at the end of last year we launched our “Own your Transformation” campaign, which is built on a simple fact: business leaders want to be in control of their change journey. 

All too often, transformation is something that just happens. A third party is brought in with big plans promising big results – almost acting as corporate SWAT teams, barging in with a raft of changes (sometimes pretty dramatic ones) before disappearing into the night. In a best-case scenario, it can do the job. But all too often it doesn’t. There’s not enough collaboration, not enough communication to make it work. There might even be a lack of clarity about what they were trying to achieve in the first place. 

So, at Emergn, we keep it simple, we teach businesses to: 

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We’ve spoken to leaders across many industries over the last year, and the most resounding message from our discussions was that they don’t want the process of transformation taken away from them. They want discussion, they want consideration, they want a professional relationship that’s closer to a partnership. As such, we make it a priority to understand the fundamentals of the organizations we’re working with – what makes them tick, what their goals are, how aligned they are throughout the business – then we tailor a transformation plan that ensures they’ll become more organized and more efficient from top to bottom.

And crucially, and this is the really important bit, we’ll only walk away when they absolutely, definitely don’t need us anymore.