Why a good UX is more important than ever


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UX research is an area set to mushroom in popularity. Before the pandemic, it was gaining momentum, and after the digital leaps we’ve seen over the last few years, it’s emerging as a cornerstone of product development.

We’re now seeing companies incorporate UX earlier in the design process, especially in the service design space, where UX can be a fundamental part of the end-to-end experience.   

UX data creates compelling narratives 

In our article “User research and user testing as part of the Total Experience economy,” we looked at the growing importance of viewing services from end-to-end and how different experiences – from users to employees to customers, and so on – will ultimately impact each other. As such, UX research isn’t only about understanding the customer, it’s about using the data to create narratives that inform both the design process and the business outcomes, viewing the process from both the customer and the employee point of view. 

And really, that’s the essence of service design. Where product design sharpens attention on creating products that dovetail with user needs, service design takes it a few steps further, focusing on every aspect of the process and on all the people involved. It addresses the end-to-end user experience, with those selling the product considered just as important as those buying it.

After all, it’s not rocket science to suggest that having a motivated and empowered workforce ultimately benefits the customer. There are many moments outside the digital space that contribute to the digital experience. These moments influence how people discover brands, how they connect with them, and how products influence their needs over time. Strong service design helps create a better brand experience and better customer support. All of these factors will become essential to the future prosperity of successful businesses.

Organizations with a forward-thinking mindset, the ones already embracing service design, have bought into UX research and understand its importance. They know that it has a huge role to play in adding value to their business, and that its role will only grow over time.

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