Learning Skills & Capability

Learning Skills & Capability allows your people to learn new, modern ways of working, and ensures new skills and capabilities are focused on your strategic goals.


How can I build the skills and capabilities of my team?

As markets change, organizations should be able to adapt. Those that are too slow, too expensive, or unable to meet the needs of the customer often lose out to more agile rivals. The issues are deep-rooted practices or a general lack of skills in modern ways of working. Organizations need to build up and retain the skills and capabilities that will set them apart. Yet by outsourcing instead of keeping them in-house, they are putting market share at risk.

We help you improve the way you work by building up your in-house skills and capabilities. We look at your organizational issues and needs holistically to find better ways of doing things. Learning Skills & Capability quickly fills any gaps while delivering value to individuals and the whole organization.

VFQ Guiding Principles of Value, Flow and Quality - Deliver value early and often, optimize the flow of work end to end, discover quality with fast feedback

Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ) is our work-based principles and practice framework. It enables people to learn and adopt new, modern ways of working to deliver products, services or ideas to market. VFQ focuses on outcomes rather than the rollout of any one specific methodology. It’s founded on the belief that lasting change requires transformative learning so people can acquire the best skills that apply to their own work.

Our distinct approach to work-based education blends the experiences of four different ways of learning: self-directed, instructor-led, community/peer generated, and applied learning. To ensure education is a lever for transformation, we’ve built a learning ecosystem that includes:

  • A digital platform that connects learners, subject-matter experts, instructors, and executive stakeholders
  • An expansive library of world-class content, practice cases, tools, and templates to support applied learning
  • A network of expert instructors and player-coaches to lead the learning experience
  • A learning design studio that continually produces new content and creates cutting-edge customized blended learning experiences
  • A collection of learning pathways that are practice specific to accelerate the transformation of leaders, product managers, and software engineering professionals

You’ll benefit from consultants working directly with your teams. Subject matter experts and resources easily available to learners and blended learning designed for the rapid transfer of knowledge in your setting.

How to get started

Our goal is to leave lasting change. So we teach you how to drive adoption and develop your own in-house coaches and trainers too.

Each pathway has been designed to meet the needs of the person in a specific role, as well as the typical challenges that role has in adopting new ways of working. The pathways are structured in a way that builds skills for your organization over time while making an immediate difference in the learner’s work environment.

Pathways can be delivered in person or remotely, blending the classroom, coaching support, and work-based activities to allow people to put ideas into practice and get fast feedback.

Click on the pathway or program below to learn more and start your journey.

Since every organization has its own culture, structure, customers, and business models, VFQ is optimized to help people discover, learn, adapt, and adopt what works best in their situation. Whether you are an organization of 50 or 50,000 people, we can tailor a solution to meet your price, speed, and scale requirements.

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